If you work at a nonprofit organization, charity is your business. In the private sector, many companies implement nonprofit employee fundraising. There’s a good chance your employees are inclined to give back to the community, so why not use your own team to increase donations.

nonprofit employee fundraising

While enabling nonprofit employee fundraising could unlock a source of donations in your own backyard, you need to ensure the process is fun and convenient for employees. Whether you’re short on fundraising employees or don’t have the right technology in place, employee mobile fundraising will inspire your team to get more involved with your cause.

Get Employees Excited About Fundraising

If your employees are enthusiastic about the cause, this will be reflected in their external fundraising efforts, expanding the positive results, npENGAGE said. Personal fundraising allows your employees to connect with a wider audience which improves donor retention rates over time. Remember…Unless your fundraisers demonstrate a deep commitment, their donation appeals may come across as somewhat inauthentic.


Inspire a Team of Fundraisers

Social Velocity suggested that organizations need to have a realistic number of fundraisers. One employee can’t raise $1 million by herself. Giving employees the right tools can enable them to achieve better results. An interactive website and mobile donations platform can help your fundraisers turn their bright ideas into actions. Relying on the power of smartphones is the way to get employees more involved and secure a greater number of donations.

Nonprofit Employee Fundraising Goes Mobile

Nonprofit employee fundraising can provide a breath of fresh air for your existing fundraising strategy. Establishing new employee fundraising pages couldn’t be easier. Each team member can set up their own page (see above) on their smartphone in less than five minutes. Each individual gets their own mobile optimized fundraising page, share link and donation keyword. All donations are sent directly to your organization through a 100% secure process. Your team members will be able to easily share their passion with friends and family via text, email and social media.

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