Rebeca Piccardo‘s article for the Miami Herald tells the story of Alex Kluger, a Miami attorney and art aficionado who generously transforms his downtown Miami Law firm office into an art gallery that he donates to nonprofit fundraisers to use for their events. Ms. Piccardo is a multimedia journalist covering stories in education, breaking news, cops and courts, health, business and municipal government.

Miami law firm transformed into after-hours art gallery for nonprofit fundraisers


By Rebeca Piccardo  | Miami Herald | 7/2/15

Alan Kluger, founding partner of a boutique litigation law firm in downtown Miami, is also an art aficionado.

“I’m an art guy, it’s what I do,” said the veteran courtroom attorney who, for more than 30 years, has traveled the world with his wife, retired Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Amy Dean, adding to their private collection of Contemporary Latin American art.

Now the lawyers at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine have transformed their office overlooking Biscayne Bay into an after-hours gallery and they donate the space for charity fundraisers.

Guests get guided tours of the artwork Kluger hand-picked from his collection and moved into his office.

“We provide the wine and food, all they have to do is get a minimum gift,” Kluger said. “Essentially, we are teaching people how to raise money.”


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Attorney Alan Kluger has been amassing his art collection for over 30 years and now he is lending some of it to help nonprofits raise funds for their cause. By moving art pieces to the offices of the Miami aw firm he founded, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, Mr. Kluger offers nonprofits an art gallery experience for their fundraising event, complete with wine and food, all for a minimum donation from attendees.


Artwork by Pepe Mar, a Miami-based artist originally from Mexico, is part of attorney Alan Kluger’s private collection and one of the art pieces used to transform Miami law firm offices to art gallery for nonprofit fundraisers.

Mr. Kluger is using his passion for art to create or nonprofits who want to learn how to raise money. Since hosting his first event to support his grandchildren’s school, he has been approached by several organizations who want to hold events at his “art gallery”.

Find An Interesting Venue for Your Nonprofit Fundraisers

A number of different factors will come into play when deciding what venue to use for your next fundraiser. Prioritizing your list of requirements will make it easier to choose the one that’s just right for your organization and event.  Some basic questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is the space large enough to hold the type of event you are holding and the number of people you are expecting?
  • Is there a cost involved and if so, do they offer special rates for nonprofits? Are they willing to donate the space?
  • How close is the location to where your donors live?
  • Is it convenient for anyone who must get there using mass transit?
  • For those patrons who drive, is there ample parking?
  • Does the venue offer any services like food and wine?
  • Is there electricity, WiFi?
  • Are there any charges for additional conveniences?

One resource we found to help you research venues for your nonprofit fundraisers is Unique Venues, a marketing and membership organization, which offers free planning services for event planners looking for one-of-a-kind event venues.

Regardless of the venue that you decide on for your next nonprofit fundraisers, event planning will be the key to your success.  Try checking in your local area for available “free” spaces as a first option or those that offer special nonprofit rates.

Whether you hold an art show, auction or gala dinner, make sure to incorporate a MobileCause fundraising thermometer to dynamically display donations on-screen to create an exciting moment of giving that increases donations.

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