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In her article for Bloomberg Business, Amanda L. Gordon looks at how the LeaderLink program, a shared initiative of the Robin Hood Foundation and Commongood Careers, is training professionals for senior positions at nonprofit organizations.  Ms. Gordon is a reporter and photographer for Bloomberg seeking to humanize the people who work in finance by covering their lives outside of work.

Robin Hood Foundation Looks to Its Donors to Fill Nonprofit Jobs


By Amanda L. Gordon | Bloomberg Business | 7/08/15

Robin Hood Foundation is good at emptying financiers’ pockets to fight poverty in New York. Now it wants to help them part with their jobs too.

In September, the foundation will start training finance professionals with at least 10 years of experience for full-time senior positions at nonprofit organizations.

The program, called LeaderLink, originated from the difficulty Robin Hood grantees have had filling such roles, even as demand for performance has increased because of reporting requirements, organizational complexity and public scrutiny.


Nonprofit Hiring Practices Now Include Looking To Donors To Fill Executive Positions

It’s no surprise that as the third largest employer in the country, nonprofits face the challenge of having to fill an increasing number of leadership positions.  The search for talented and motivated persons to fill those roles has uncovered a large number of individuals with corporate sector experience, looking to make the leap to the nonprofit world by lending their hard-earned skills and expertise to make a positive impact for a variety of causes.

nonprofit-hiring_robinhood-leaderlinknonprofit-hiring, robin-hood

The Robin Hood Foundation and Commongood Careers LeaderLink program will provide training and counseling to these individuals, including those sprouting from within the ranks of the nonprofits’ own supporters, to ensure successful placements and smooth transitions.

Mobile Technology Facilitates Nonprofit Hiring

A great deal of time, effort and cost can go into finding just the right resource to fill an open position and for nonprofits, who are oftentimes working with limited funds and resources to begin with, it makes sense to look to your supporters as a potential source for new employees.  Finding someone within your donor ranks means they already know your organization and support your cause and are very probably motivated to do more to help.

Your nonprofit can make the search for new employees from your donor base more efficient by incorporating mobile communications to facilitate the process.  Using the same mobile technology that your organization can use to engage donors and increase donations, your nonprofit can send out recruiting notices to your supporters with forms to collect relevant information that will help you move worthwhile candidates through the hiring process.

Nonprofit Hiring Beyond Your Own Organization

What if your mission is to help your constituents find employment?  One MobileCause client is effectively using mobile communications as a call to action for supporters who might be looking for work.  The Salvation Army sends out daily updates to let supporters know about career opportunities.


Use MobileCause mobile communications with customizable forms to notify your constituents about job openings and collect relevant data from prospects to move forward with nonprofit hiring process.

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