Hootsuite, a popular social media and content management solutions company, announced the addition of Instagram to their social management dashboard in a recent blog post on the company’s website.

Welcome to the Dashboard, Instagram!

Nonprofit Instagram Manager

By Hootsuite | 8/05/15

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for: SCHEDULING Instagram posts is now a reality! Assigning messages to team members is here! The Instagram functionality you need—plus a few extra bells and whistles—is available right inside Hootsuite. Now anyone can manage their Instagram presence alongside the rest of their social media activities.

This integration will also make you a more efficient social media manager. You will be able to track all aspects of a social media campaign from one place, within your Hootsuite dashboard. If you launch a new product, you can respond to comments and engage users on Instagram from the same window you’re using to engage followers on Twitter and Facebook.


Nonprofit Instagram Manager

Who needs 13 different log-ins, plus 13 passwords just to post on social media to connect with supporters, increase awareness and fundraise?!?

Hootsuite is a suite of social media solutions that allows users to schedule, manage and measure all of their social media accounts and content across 35+ social media networks. They recently announced the integration of Instagram with their system’s management capabilities.

Save Time & Money So You Can Save the World

Just like with Hootsuite, a cloud-based mobile fundraising and communications platform provides your organization the simplicity of logging in to just one account to easily set up, run and manage your various fundraising and communications campaigns giving you the power to reach your supporters where they spend a great deal of their time–on their phone. Thanks to mobile technology, you can be anywhere and everywhere your supporters are.

You can then use a social media solution like Hootsuite, to schedule the posting of your donation page links and calls-to-action, and then measure their success. This two-step process lets you optimize your communication and fundraising efforts so you can raise more money in less time.

Whether consolidating the management of your social media posts or using a mobile fundraising platform to run your campaigns, software solutions that save your organization time and money can help you keep your budget in check and allow you to focus on the real mission of your cause.

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