Contributing to HubSpot Blogs, Emily Logan identifies the 4 nonprofit marketing challenges that organization marketers will face in the year ahead. Ms. Logan is Director of Activism and Retention at Care2, a highly-engaged social network of 30 million citizen activists that stand together for good and make extraordinary impact—locally, nationally and internationally—by starting petitions and supporting each other’s campaigns.

4 Challenges Facing Nonprofit Marketers in 2016 (And How To Beat Them)

nonprofit marketing challenges

Emily Logan | HubSpot | 1/4/15

Nonprofits have two goals: to win supporters to their cause, and to convert those supporters to donors or members to support their work. To achieve both in 2016, marketers will need to become more savvy than ever.

But where should you start? The first step is to take a look at the marketing landscape at large to see where it’s moving—and what obstacles could be a roadblock to your success. Here are a few trends that could make life challenging for nonprofits in 2016, along with some strategies that can ensure you end the year better than you started.

In 2016, Nonprofits Will Square Off Against…

1) The Slow End of Print
2) Proliferation of Social Media
3) The Move to Mobile
4) People Aren’t Willing to Part with Their Money

Sure, the coming year is going to be a challenging one. But nonprofit marketers who are prepared for the oncoming hurdles will be able to not just leap them with ease, but continue their sprint toward growing awareness, donations, and members.

mobilecause-outlook, text message alertsOvercoming Nonprofit Marketing Challenges with Mobile and Online Fundraising Solutions

To overcome the challenges that lie ahead, savvy charitable organizations will ensure their nonprofit marketing strategies include a healthy mix of traditional and digital solutions.

1) Improve the likelihood that donors will respond by 50% by reinforcing your direct-mail campaigns with multiple messages across text message, email and social media nonprofit marketing channels.

2) Significantly increase giving by embedding a donation button and form on Facebook where 59% of people donate after becoming a follower of a nonprofit’s social network.

3) Increase overall donations from donors of all ages by 38% with custom mobile responsive donation forms.

4) Build stronger relationships by empowering supporters to fundraise on your organization’s behalf with nonprofit crowdfunding and send text messages to thank them for their contributions and support.w

Text message alerts help organizations overcome nonprofit marketing challenges because they are nearly impossible to ignore and have a 99% open rate, with 90% read within 3 minutes.

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