John Haydon‘s blog article lists out the three essential elements required for telling an effective nonprofit story.  Mr. Haydon is one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts for nonprofits and charities, helping them achieve their best marketing and fundraising results.  He’s also a regular contributor to respected media sources including the Huffington Post. and the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies.



3 Key Elements for Effective Nonprofit Storytelling


John Haydon | JohnHaydon.com | 11/10/15

What makes someone donate to your cause? Is it the design of your landing page? Is it your email messages? Your mobile-friendly fundraising software?

Yes, these are all important, but the most powerful tool is your stories. Without good storytelling, you lack the emotional oomph that’s needed to attract and retain supporters. But what if…


Improving Your Organization’s Videos Can Make Them Effective Nonprofit Storytelling Tools for Success

The keys to effective nonprofit storytelling must be applied to the videos your organization produces if you want them to have a positive impact on your fundraising efforts. They influence how well you capture a viewer’s attention in the first few frames, hold their interest so they watch the entire thing and provide the personal satisfaction that viewers get from helping your cause, including making donations.

However, while an org might do a good job of grabbing and holding on to their audience, many times, they fail to provide their viewers the crucial information they need to take action.  A website address is good, but given that over half of all video views are on mobile, a more direct and easier way for viewers to act and donate will yield better results.

Nonprofit Storytelling Videos That Deliver a Big Payoff

Have someone in the nonprofit storytelling videos ask viewers to text a keyword to a shortcode to make a donation. Instructions can also be printed on a sign or appear on-screen. Anyone who texts the keyword will immediately receive a text message reply with a link to donate with their credit card. Even if they don’t fulfill their pledge right away, they’ll automatically receive three text messages to remind them.

57% of supporters donate after watching a video, but only when they’re presented with an effective call to action. Hook, hold, and give your audience (and your organization) a well-deserved payoff by providing a keyword to your mobile-friendly donation page to help your nonprofit achieve fundraising success. 

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