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Alumni Crowdfunding Pilot Program

Northwood University implemented a 3-day pilot fundraising campaign to test the effectiveness of reaching alumni and supporters with crowdfunding. During a short meeting alumni captains setup crowdfunding pages from the convenience of their smartphones. Alumni began sharing pages with personal networks by email, text and social media. Within 72-hours they exceeded their pilot goal of $2500. Many donors expressed excitement about being able to make a difference on campus and one large donor offered a $10,000 matching grant for the campaign. Northwood plans to leverage the matching gift and scale this campaign to raise $25,000.


Text IDEA to 71777 to support Northwood University or go to safedonate.us/IDEA

To thank donors, campaign organizers sent a link via email and text message of a video from a student who benefited from their contribution. Northwood plans to increase crowdfunding to exceed $75,000 in contributions by October. Specifically, Northwood plans to strengthen their alumni phoneathon with a convenient mobile donation option.

Northwood University Pilot Program Results


  • Alumni were able to easily setup and share crowdfunding pages with their personal network
  • 56 alumni and supporters made donations
  • $2700+ was raised in 72-hour pilot program

Shelly WenkBy Shelly Wenk, Head of Customer Success

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