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The University of Notre Dame: Student Engagement



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The University of Notre Dame wanted to engage graduating seniors in hopes of fostering a lasting relationship; however, connecting with college students by asking them directly for money is seldom successful. They decided to host an event for the senior class on the football field with special guest speakers. It was important that they inspired and reached the seniors in a way that they prefer so they could continue developing a their bond after graduation.


To increase attendance, they mailed invitations and sent text invitations to the seniors. The university also used MobileCause technology to create a text-to-give donation form that was university branded so that student could easily make a gift from their mobile phone. Speakers at the event encouraged attendees to complete their donation right then by texting a keyword. Attendees were also sent 3 text reminder messages to complete the donation. Additionally, the day of the event, attendees were asked to text a keyword to “Leave Your Legacy,” and this donation form asked attendees to consider making recurring donations.


This event led to $1,100+ raised at the event by 263 seniors, 244 of which became long-term supporters by setting their donations to recurring. Over half of the graduating class donated so that the future generations of this university’s students can get the best education and financial aid that can be offered.

The University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is a Catholic academic community of higher learning prides itself on being an environment of teaching and learning that fosters the development in its students of those disciplined habits of mind, body, and spirit that characterize educated, skilled, and free human beings.

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