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Title (Match SEO long tail keyword that is in URL)

Compose intro copy (35-50 words) here with links (external links should open a new tab when clicked) to featured nonprofits, news sources, authors, etc. Insert full longtail keyword within. (No italics or bolds except keyword)

Trending Article | Author Name | News Source | MM/DD/YYYY

Article Headline (Title Case)

Article excerpt here (150-250 words)  This is a direct cut and paste from the most compelling section of the original article. (No italics or bolds except keyword)

Read the full article

Insider Outlook | Ghost Name | Ghost Title


Nonprofit Insider Perspective
(Title Case) (Variation of Keyword)

NPI Perspective here (This section should be more words than the article excerpt). The long tail keyword should appear 1-2 times. This perspective expands on the article excerpt by highlighting the importance of a mobile-first strategy. This copy contains links to valuable MobileCause solutions (pages, posts, articles, etc). (No italics or bolds except keyword)

Summary: Single sentence summary of the above outlook. Be sure to include long tail keyword.

Resource Title (Title Case)

Resource description.

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