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Online Donation Forms & Pages

Mobile-friendly online donation forms and pages automatically resize on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and are designed to capture donations driven by email, social media, and text messages.

In less than 5 minutes organizations can set up, embed and promote mobile-friendly donation forms. Online donation forms can be customized for direct mail, email, social media, and mobile marketing campaigns as an easy way to increase participation and measure return on investmentForms resize on smartphones, tablets, and PCs to increase submissions and decrease abandon rates. Each mobile-friendly donation page has a corresponding shortlink and keyword for easy promotion across channels.

Online Donation Form

Check out online donation form example: Text MIRACLE to 41444 or click safedonate.us/miracle

Organizations can promote keywords and shortlinks as an easy way to give. After hearing or seeing a call to action, any individual who texts a keyword will receive a text message reply with a secure link to the online donation page.

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Measure Return on Investment for Each Online Donation Form’s Campaign

Use unique keywords and shortlinks to send people to channel-specific online donation forms to track the performance of your campaigns

Shortlinks: Shortlinks are short URLs that are easy to type, click and forward to other website URLs. Shortlinks are preferred by individuals who go online to give in response to direct mail and by those who share online donation pages over text, social media, and email.

Keywords: Keywords are unique to your organization. People who text a keyword to a five-digit phone number, also known as a shortcode, immediately receive a link to the online form. These individuals are also opted-in to receive ongoing text messages. Be creative in the way you promote keyword calls to action as this option is more personal than asking people to click a link online.

Measure ROI: Run reports summarizing fundraising results for each channel’s online forms to evaluate revenues and costs in real time. Using one system, organizations can measure specific return on investment and response for all channels by calculating donor acquisition costs and recurring gift effectiveness.

Online Form for Direct Mail Fundraising

Online Giving for Direct Mail

Online Forms for Email Fundraising

Online Giving for Email

Online Form for Mobile Communication

Online Giving For Mobile Marketing

Online Form for Social Media Fundraising

Online Giving for Social Media

Branded Online Donation Pages Receive 38% Larger Gifts

Donors want to know that their donation is going directly to the cause they are supporting. Branded online donation pages & forms reinforce this reality in the minds of donors when they are ready to give by showing your organization’s colors, logo, and imagery. It is important to brand all of your nonprofit donation forms for events and campaigns to maximize donations.

Did you know? 71% of donors research your website before making a donation. 51% of those find your organization on a mobile device.

Responsive design: Responsive online donation pages auto-resize for the device that is accessing your website (smartphones, tablets and PCs). Responsive design significantly decreases abandon rates and makes it as easy as possible for supporters to give.

Online Donation Forms

Recurring Donors Give Twice as Much as One-Time Donors

Donors who set up recurring gifts donate twice as much annually than one-time donors. It is very important that your nonprofit organization makes it easy for supporters to setup recurring gifts right in the donation form.

All MobileCause nonprofit donation forms & pages include easy recurring gift options, allowing supporters to set up recurring donations in less than 3 minutes.

Online Donation Form

Use Custom Form Fields to Capture Important Donor Information

Accurate donor information is often as important to organization’s as the donation itself. MobileCause enables your nonprofit to customize all fields, menus and sections on each form to capture all the donor information you need.

Tip: Only collect information that is vital to your ongoing online fundraising and communication efforts. Fewer fields means less time to complete an online donation form, and thus fewer abandoned gifts.

Online Donation Form Custom Fields

Security is a Big Deal to Your Donors

Donors want to know that their credit and debit card information is completely secure and that their personal contact information will never be shared or sold. All MobileCause mobile-friendly donation pages & forms include the Norton and Trustwave security seals near the donate button to put donors’ minds at ease. Additionally, all donations are 100% PCI Compliant.

online giving norton security

online giving trustwave security


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