Matt Ladone, inbound marketing specialist on HubSpot’s Media team, examines 13 key best practices for online forms to generate maximum excitement and participation.

Build an Online Form that Drives Registrations for Your Event

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By Matt Ladone| Hubspot | 070815

Crafting a website that generates lots of attendees for an event takes imagination and some good old-fashioned common sense. You want potential attendees to be so inspired and excited to come that they’ll move heaven and earth to get there. Here are the 13 key ingredients that an event website must have to do just that:

  1. Showcase the Event Name
  2. Date and Location
  3. The Reasons to Attend
  4. Speakers and Activities
  5. Agenda / Schedule
  6. Register Now Buttons
  7. Alert/Newsletter Sign Up
  8. Social Media Sharing Buttons
  9. Mobile Responsive
  10. Videos
  11. Show Floor Map(s)
  12. Analytics
  13. Advertiser/Exhibitor/Sponsor Information

BONUS – Mobile app for your event


Online Forms That Get Results

To avoid missing out on donor engagement and lost donations, nonprofits must be able to incorporate mobile-friendly forms into their online campaigns.

MobileCause provides the most robust mobile-friendly online form builder available to nonprofit organizations. Organizations have the option to fully integrate payments and donations with registrations! All fields can be completely customized to fit your campaign and each form has a corresponding keyword to drive increased participation. Best of all, online forms only take minutes to setup and promote.

The top 3 ways nonprofit organizations use online forms include:

  • Event Registrations
  • Newsletter/Alert Subscriptions
  • Volunteer Sign Ups

Each mobile-friendly form can be pushed out to volunteers, donors and staff via mobile, social media and online for maximum awareness and submissions. Additionally, your online forms can be standalone or easily embeded on your website.

Getting Results With an Effective Mobile-friendly Form

Let’s look at a great example of a mobile-form that the Salvation Army is successfully using to encourage volunteers to set up lemonade stands to raise donations for homeless kids and attend the organization’s grand finale event.

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Click here to see the live form on your PC, tablet or smartphone

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