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Online Forms Make It Easy to Get Involved

Mobile-friendly online forms empower your organization to do everything from collecting volunteer sign-ups and membership payments to sending surveys, petitions, and more.

See how you can engage donors and boost participation through 6 different types of mobile and online solutions for:

Volunteering Forms Membership Forms   Sign-Up Forms Surveys Payment Forms Petitions

Sign Up Volunteers to Strengthen Your Organization

Enlist qualified volunteers with special skills that can be utilized to your advantage

Volunteer Sign Up Forms

When you are creating your volunteer sign-up or application form you’ll want to decide what information you need to collect, so figure out what is vital for your campaign.

Removing a single question from your volunteer application form can increase submissions over 26%, so remember to keep it to the bare minimum of what you need.

Make it even easier to sign up by having supporters text a keyword to receive a link to your volunteer application form in the reply message right on their mobile device. They can then share the link to your form across social, mobile, email and online channels to encourage their networks to sign up as well.

Every time a volunteer signs up via text keyword, they are able to be subscribed for you to send text reminders and updates before, after and during your volunteer event.

Tip: Promote volunteer application forms at fundraising events and at your office for an easy way to get supporters involved.

Did you know?  Volunteers are almost twice as likely to donate to you as non-volunteers.

Grow Revenue with Online Membership Forms

Turn supporters into members

Memberships empower your nonprofit to increase recurring contributions in the form of monthly or annual dues. Be sure to customize the form with a drop-down menu or check boxes to allow supporters to select the level of commitment they prefer.

Using software with automated payment notifications and tax receipts will make becoming a member to your nonprofit an easy and seamless experience for both you and your supporters.

Tip: Engage members throughout the year with exclusive video updates.

Quick and Easy Sign-ups with Digital Forms

Lose the pencil and paper—and reap the rewards

If you are still using paper forms for sign-ups you are creating more work for your organization and a hassle for your supporters. Putting your forms online makes it so they can be accessed from any device to streamline the process.

Save time and money on both staff and resources with mobile-friendly online forms.

Customize your nonprofit’s online forms to capture any information you need, everything from from phone number and address to interest level and any special skills.

Learn More About Your Supporters With Donor Surveys

Get insights about your donors like never before

survey form

Nonprofit surveys are a great way to find out:

  • Who your donors are
  • Why they give
  • What interests them

This allows your organization to run more effective fundraising campaigns by developing donor personas—the main groups of people who give to your cause.

Be sure to follow up with your donor survey takers to keep your organization top of mind and in the loop.

Tip: Create fundraising campaigns based on donor passions. Appeal to their heart with compelling storytelling and the donations will come naturally.

Simple Way to Collect Payments

Save thousands in administrative costs using online payment forms

Online payment form

Non-donation revenue will help add some extra funds to help you with everything from the day-to-to-day expenses, to payroll, to the rent for your office. Using mobile and online payment forms make it easy to collect these revenues from anywhere and on any device.

Whether you have the form on your website or use it on its own, making these forms mobile responsive will help increase submissions by 34%.

After each successful payment, you should send your supporters an automated receipt via email or text to thank them and keep everyone up to date.

Tip: Customize photos, fields and button to reinforce the intention of the payment and show how much it means to your organization.

Online Petitions Get Your Supporters to Take Action

Expand advocacy and increase involvement with your cause

Use petitions to increase awareness and drive social change for the matters your cause cares most about. Mobile and Online petition forms can be easily customized and allow you to conveniently collect signatures from any device, both in-person and remotely.

Add compelling photos or video to your online petition forms to tell your cause’s story and motivate your supporters to take action. This is your chance to show them how vital their support is to making your mission a reality!

Include fields to collect petitioner information like phone number and email to add them to your list of on-going communications. This allows you to keep them updated about the petition status, as well as invite them to events, ask for donations, and keep them in the loop with your organization year after year.

Tip: Set a goal to convert a percentage of petitioners into each donors each year.

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