71% of donors research your website before making online gifts. Donors go to your website 51% of the time on a smartphone. Donors give 38% more on branded donation pages. Donors who setup recurring online gifts donate twice as much annually.

Responsive Donation Pages Make It Easy for People to Give

Donors research your website 71% of the time before making a donation. 51% of those who donate find your organization on a smartphone.

What is a responsive donation page?

Responsive donation pages auto-resize for the device viewing your website (smartphones, tablets and pcs). Responsive donation pages significantly decrease donation form abandon rates and make it as convenient as possible for supporters to donate. MobileCause donation pages are responsive and can be setup in less than 10 minutes!

Customize Branding On Every Online Giving Page

Donors give 38% more on branded donation pages than generic donation pages.

Why is this true?

Donors want to know that their donation is going exactly where they intend it to. Branded donation pages reinforce this reality in the minds of donors when they are ready to give.

It is important to brand all donation pages for each event and campaign! MobileCause enables your organization to brand every donation page to maximize donations.

Be Smart About Fields On Your Giving Page

Capturing donor information is only as important as far as it does not decrease donations.

Only include fields you plan on using for ongoing fundraising and communication.

Less fields means less time to complete a donation and thus less abandons from the donation page.

Create custom fields that reinforce the intention of the donation.

Accurate donor information is often as/more important than a donation.

MobileCause enables your organization add/remove fields and create custom fields on donation pages.

Security is a Big Deal to Your Donors

Digital security paranoia is at an all time high.

Why is this true?

Your donors want to know that their credit/debit card information is 100% secure and that their personal contact information will never be shared or sold.

Be sure that both the Norton and Trustwave logos are on all donation pages near the donate button.

All MobileCause donation pages include the Norton and Trustwave security seals and all donations are 100% PCI compliant.

Recurring Online Gifts Double Donations

Donors who setup online recurring gifts donate twice as much annually than non-recurring donors.

Why is this true?

Recurring givers are your most passionate and faithful supporters.

It is very important that your organization makes it as easy as possible for your supporters to setup recurring gifts.

All MobileCause donation pages include easy recurring gift options. Supporters can setup recurring donations in less than 3 minutes.

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