Organizations need to court new donors to ensure they have consistent streams of revenue. By adopting a strategic online giving best practice strategy your organization can significantly increase donations.

Mobile Traffic is on the Rise

People are spending an increasing amount of time interacting with their mobile devices, which significantly raises the chances that potential donors will access your website for the first time from a smartphone.  71 percent of all contributors check out nonprofit websites before making a donation. More than half of them will find your website on a mobile device.

Implement Responsive Web Design (Most Importantly On Donation Pages)

Responsive web design is becoming increasingly important. This technique causes your website to adapt to the device being used to access it for optimal viewing. If you wanted to offer a mobile experience in the past, you had to build a separate website. When a user accessed the site, he or she would be redirected to the page. With Google’s latest changes, this could cost you in search engine optimization results. Site load time is one of the factors the search engine considers to generate rankings. Additionally, mobile visitors won’t have very much patience for slow load speeds and they may not stick around.

In particular, if your donation page is responsive, you can collect a higher number of contributions from smartphones and tablets. This move can decrease donation form abandonment because it provides a better user experience, whether people are visiting your website from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Tip: If you do not have the resources to build a fully responsive website. Be sure to implement responsive donation pages throughout your site!

Use Branding on Every Donation Page to Reinforce Giving (This Increases Giving 38%)

Donors give 38 percent more on branded pages compared to generic forms. The reason for this is because benefactors increasingly prefer a higher degree of transparency. They want to know that their donations will be used for the intended purpose. If you brand your donation page for an event or campaign, it reinforces the cause and makes donors feel more confident in their contributions.

MobileCause makes it easy to brand your donation pages for special events so your website is always current and relevant.

Be Smart About The Fields On Your Donation Page and Display Suggested Donation Amounts (See Above)

Mobile technology allows for greater convenience, but this has had a detrimental effect on contributors’ patience in some cases. They don’t want to fill out multiple pages of personal information to make a gift. However, you need to capture contact information without detracting from the donor experience. Having mobile numbers and email addresses allows you to stay in touch with contributors in the future.

To gain contact information and process a higher number of donations, you need to optimize the fields in the form. Fewer required fields allows donors to enter their information and complete the transaction more quickly, which is another way to decrease abandonment.

MobileCause allows you to add and remove required fields, add custom fields (text and drop down), and suggested donations amounts. We recommend that you can change settings to suit each specific campaign.

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