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Recently from BBC News, Oxford University set a fundraising record raising over £2 billion for higher education teaching and research. The fundraising campaign’s main goal is to put it on a level playing field with leading Universities in the United States. The BBC is one of the most well known news sources in the world with up to the minute late-breaking news around the clock.

Oxford University fundraising reaches £2 billion


By BBC News | 5/13/15

Oxford fundraising campaign for teaching and research has raised £2 billion in funds since it has been announced. The institution began raising money towards new scholarships, academic posts, programmes, buildings and facilities in August 2004. The sum stands at £2,012,571,521 but the university has now set itself a new target of £3 billion.

mobilecause-outlookOxford’s fundraising campaign is a great example of university fundraising success. Oxford has brought in over £2 billion and set it sights on £3 billion. Oxford did a great job connecting and communicating with their donors. They used the combination of compelling storytelling, crowdfunding and mobile responsive donation pages to achieve fundraising success.

“We are extremely grateful to the alumni, friends of the university, charities, companies and many others who have made it possible.” – Vice-chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton

Your educational fundraising campaign can be just as successful as Oxford’s. You may not raise billions like they did but you can raise a lot of money that can truly help your institution. Every individual connected to your school can be a donor and it is up to you to get them to give.

Start with effective storytelling that captivates potential donors of all demographics. Then get students, alumni, and faculty excited about spreading the word by phone, email, text, social media and direct mail.

Crowdfunding makes it easy for individuals to raise donations through  personal networks and makes it possible for your campaign to go viral across social networks. Northwood University’s crowdfunding pilot program is a good example of how to get started.

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