Pass the Peace Initiative

In response to the lingering domestic abuse scandals in the NFL this year, The Why Not You Foundation created a social media campaign called “Pass the Peace” to create awareness around and raise funds for domestic abuse victims. See campaign video below.

Challenge to “Pass the Peace” on Social Media

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson started the campaign by posting a video to his Instagram page, which has 918,000 followers, challenging his pals Derek Jeter and Justin Timberlake to “Pass the Peace” using #WNYpassthepeace. See instagram below.

Pass the Peace Fundraising on Social Media

Celebrities and fans who participate are asked to “Pass the Peace” by:

1—Making a donation of $2 or more to the National Domestic Violence Hotline by texting WNYPassThePeace to 41444

2—Posting on social media a peace sign photo or video passing a ball with hashtag #WNYPassThePeace

3—Nominating two or more friends to “Pass the Peace” by tagging them in the post (see examples below)

All donations received go to supporting domestic abuse victims.



Best Practices for Fundraising on Social Media

1—Promote text to donate keywords with the corresponding donation link. Both methods drive participants to the same donation page.

  • The benefit of promoting a text to donate keyword is that participants are subscribed to receive donation reminders and ongoing text messages from your organization.

  • The benefit of promoting a donation link is that participants can easily forward the link to friends and family on social media, text and email.

2—Keep keywords short and sweet. We recommend keywords have 7 or less characters and are easy to remember and hard to misspell. If you are using an acronym for your keyword be sure to verbally instruct participants to text “capital” letters. This turns off the auto-correct function on smartphones.

3—Use a link shortening service, example safedonate.us/passthepeace if you want to measure click thru rates to your donation page.


Pass the Peace Results

  • So far the campaign has raised $17,120 in mobile donations.
  • 2020 “Pass the Peace” participants have been subscribed to receive mobile messages.


By Katie Keating, MobileCause Customer Success Manager

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