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Entrepreneur contributing writer, Karim Abouelnaga, recounts his experience of turning his passion for helping children reach their academic potential regardless of their socioeconomic status. Mr. Abouelnaga is the founder of Practice Makes Perfect, a nonprofit that works to narrow the achievement gap by providing low-income students with mentorship and resources that are beyond the reach of their inner-city public schools.

When It Makes Sense to Turn a Passion Project Into a Nonprofit

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By Karim Abouelnaga | Entrepreneur | 6/18/15

In 2010 myself along with five Cornell students came together to start a program that believed that all children — regardless of their race or socioeconomic status — had equal potential to compete intellectually in our society. We were tired of children being written off because of where they were born or whom they were born to. Three of the team members had attended large, failing, inner-city schools and were the first in their families to graduate from college.

The program evolved into an organization called Practice Makes Perfect and has a full-time team of 10, a fully operational board of directors, a 501(c)3 status and almost 1,000 individual donors and foundation as we work to narrow the achievement gap by addressing one of the single largest, researched causes of the disparity: summer learning loss or summer slide.

Having had the good fortune of being at the helm of the organization through this evolution, I am often asked by student groups and individuals for advice about starting and building a nonprofit.


Make Your Nonprofit Passion Project A Success

When you are passionate about a cause you want to do everything you can to bring it to fruition and make a positive impact. That commitment to supporting his passion project is what compelled Mr. Abouelnaga and his friends to start Practice Makes Perfect, a summer enrichment program to help children reach their academic potential.

Speaking from experience, his recommendation to consider scope and funding before making a decision about your nonprofit is sound advice whether you’re still figuring out if you even want to start one, or whether your organization has been established for years.  Once you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish and resources you will need to do it successfully, you’ll need to focus on raising funds to ensure you can carry out your passion project’s mission.

Easily Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit With Crowdfunding

Nonprofit fundraising is an ongoing concern of anyone responsible for bringing to life their passion project. One of the methods highly recommended by Mr. Abouelnaga is crowdfunding.  This peer-to-peer fundraising method empowers your nonprofit to conveniently raise donations through your networks of volunteers, donors and staff.

MobileCause is among the companies that can help you to mobilize an army of crowdfunders to support your passion project in almost no time at all since it takes only takes just a few minutes for each of them to set up their customized pages with photo, donation goal and a personal message.

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The MobileCause Difference

Simply put, the MobileCause difference is no transaction fees and no hidden charges. This is critical because the cost of fundraising is a major concern for all nonprofits, especially if you are just starting out. Unlike other companies providing crowdfunding solutions, MobileCause has the industry’s lowest credit card processing fees with a flat rate of 2.35% for all credit cards, including American Express –  even lower rates than Square and PayPal. But most importantly, there are zero transaction fees for all donations.

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