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Ariel Bogle reporting for Mashable looks at the release of the Tesla Powerwall which will first be installed in Australia, which will offer homeowners backup electricity sources and maximize the use of solar panels in order to save energy and reduce costs. Tesla, better known for its motor works, created Tesla Energy, batteries for homes, businesses, and utilities to foster clean energy and help the world use less fossil fuels. Ms. Bogle is an Australian reporter for Mashable Australia covering technology.

Tesla’s home battery is finally rolling out. First stop: Australia

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Emily Bogle | Mashable | 1/29/16

According to Nick Pfitzner, the Tesla Powerwall is “a thing of beauty.”

Pfitzner, who lives in Sydney’s Hills District, was one of the first homeowners in Australia to have the highly anticipated energy storage battery installed at his home on Thursday.

Tesla announced in September it would be bringing the Powerwall to Australia, with a spokesperson telling Mashable Australia the country had been “prioritised as a market” due to its high number of solar energy users.

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Tesla’s amazing Powerwall is being welcomed with open arms by Australian customers who are eager to gain the money and energy-saving benefits of the evolving technology. The home battery, which can work in tandem with solar panels puts more control in the homeowners hands who can store up energy during the day to draw on from the grid at night when power will cost them more.

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