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How a Powerful Text Message Call to Action Becomes a Force for Good

A recent Newsweek article by Elisabeth Perlman looks at how Tesco, Britain’s largest supermarket, has agreed to donate all of its surplus food to charity. Through their partnership with the FareShare FoodCloud platform, Tesco sends a text message call to action to participating charitable organizations alerting them whenever food is available for pickup at local stores. FareShare saves fresh, quality food destined for waste and distributes it to charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious meals for people in need. Ms. Perlman is a digital reporter for Newsweek in London.

Trending Article | Elisabeth Perlman | Newsweek | 03/13/2016

Tesco Vows to Donate Left-Overs after Wasting 55,400 Tonnes of Food

text message call to action

On Friday, Tesco agreed to donate all leftover food from its stores to charity in an initiative that aims to eradicate all food waste by the end of 2017. The supermarket giant announced plans to work with 5,000 local charities across the UK.

Tesco partnered with food waste charity FareShare back in December to launch the digital open platform called FareShare FoodCloud, allowing staff and charities to liaise with each other to distribute surplus food.  The project works “using an app that Tesco store managers use to alert charities about the surplus food they have at the end of each day,” the FareShare website explains.

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Insider Outlook | James Peters | MobileCause Senior Director of Business Development


How a Powerful Text Message Call To Action Can Feed the Hungry and Do So Much More

By responding to a text message call to action sent out by Tesco, charities all over Brittain can take advantage of the supermarket chain’s surplus food stores to feed their hungry clients. The immediacy of mobile communications as evidenced by the fact that normal people read almost every single text message they receive – 90% within the first three minutes – makes this type of mobile communication an ideal method to share time-sensitive information about food that’s available for pickup.

Now think about how your own organization can take advantage of a powerful text message call to action. Most of your donors and constituents are normal people. Normal people are on their mobile devices from the beginning of their days to just before they go to sleep at night. It makes sense then that any text message call to action you send out will be seen and heard. In an instant, your faith-based, healthcare, education or other charitable organization  can effectively mobilize your base to take action in real time by reaching them where ever they are.

Here are just a few ways organizations just like yours are putting heir own powerful text message call to action to work in order to fulfill their missions:

  • Operation Underground Railroad engages over 4,000 advocates with real-time messages empowering them to become modern day abolitionists to save kidnapped children from sex slavery
  • NGEN and KSBJ Radio drive increased listenership, participation and event involvement online building a list of over 71,000 subscribers and sending out 7,800,000 texts.
  • Wildlife SOS has combined text message alerts, mobile-friendly donation pages, and crowdfunding options to collect $157,000 in credit card donations from 2,355 donors, gain 392 recurring gifts, 41 volunteer fundraisers and over 10,000 mobile subscribers that receive now receive real-time text alerts.

Summary: A single powerful text message call to action can mobilize your supporters to make an immediate and positive impact on your organization allowing you to reach your goals and fulfill your important mission.

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