“We couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of MobileCause.
You really cover it all.”


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McCarter Theatre Center for the Performing Arts is a cultural center offering theatre, dance, music and special events to over 200,000 people a season. For more than 80 years they have been committed to bringing the best of the world’s performing arts to their theatre. McCarter Theatre believes the arts should be accessible to all, and is committed to engaging a broad set of audiences.


McCarter Theatre was stumped on how they could connect, in real-time, with their donors who were attending a behind-the-scenes donor tour at the theatre. With over 100 in attendance, and in different tour groups, it seemed impossible for McCarter Theatre to make a personal connection with each individual during the span of the event. They needed a way to collectively communicate and reach their donors during their visit.


With MobileCause’s text messaging, McCarter Theatre now had the option to connect with their donors directly on their mobile device during the tour. Donors could instantly subscribe to receive text messages by simply texting a keyword to a 5-digit shortcode. McCarter Theatre surprised and delighted its donors by allowing them to text multiple keywords throughout the tour revealing a new fun fact at various points during their visit. Donors were also given the choice to donate via text, catering to those who prefer this method of giving.


Our visitors and staff thought it was really cool we could communicate this way. It created such a fun buzz

Danielle Biggs, Development Associate


In just one night, McCarter Theatre had over 400 text messages from their 114 guests. Now, they use text messages to enhance their overall communication to anyone who visits the theatre. Thanks to the easy subscribe, patrons have the choice to receive updates both while they wait for a show to start, or to learn about upcoming shows to plan their next visit.


We couldn't be more thankful to be a part of MobileCause. You really cover it all.

Danielle Biggs, Development Associate

With MobileCause’s text messaging, McCarter Theatre has been able to reach patrons in a way that not only enhances their theatre experience, but also builds their relationship creating a brand new opportunity for patrons to become donors.

McCarter Theatre’s belief of arts accessibility can now be transcended beyond their theatre, and now into every attendee’s pocket as they continue to build their text database and communications strategy.

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