Suzanne Hurt‘s article for The Press-Enterprise looks at the generous donations being made to support San Bernardino attack victims, and specifically the one made by Erika Brannock, a brave survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing. Ms. Hurt, a Staff Writer at The Press-Enterprise is a journalist specializing narrative storytelling, backed by extensive hard news experience, strict journalism standards and a master’s in literary nonfiction from the University of Oregon.

SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTING: Boston Marathon survivor reaches out to victims

Her life changed after the 2013 attack, amputee Erika Brannock has donated to help survivors like herself.

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Suzanne Hart | Press Enterprise | 1/7/15

There have been more than $1.7 million in donations to victims of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. But the one from Erika Brannock was different. The Maryland resident can relate to the survivors of the Dec. 2 mass shooting. Her life was altered in an instant by the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing after she lost most of her left leg. Brannock, 31, reached out online in December as a “fellow survivor of terrorism” who was sending a message of “love and healing energy” with her donation after seeing coverage of the attack. On Wednesday, Brannock said she knew whatever she could give would make a difference because strangers throughout the country had helped her so much.

mobilecause-outlook, text message alertsCrowdfunding Just One Way Donors Responded Rapidly to Support San Bernardino Attack Victims

Moved by the “emotional chord” that the San Bernadino attack struck across the nation, and facilitated by the speed and convenience of digital fundraising, donors responded in both record numbers and time to support the victims of the senseless tragedy. One of the most successful fundraising campaigns to aid the San Bernadino attack victims was led by United Way of Arrowhead, which used crowdfunding to empower individual fundraisers to collect donations on the relief fund’s behalf.

Whether you are rushing to support the victims of a major national tragedy or in a hurry to fill some other kind of immediate fundraising shortfall, digital fundraising solutions that can be set up quickly and easily allow educational, faith-based, health and other charitable organizations to respond rapidly to whatever need comes up.

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