Encouraging recurring gifts is one of the best things you can do to set your organization up for success. But how can you get donors to pledge an amount on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis? The easier recurring gift programs are for benefactors, the more likely they are to get involved and maintain their contributions over time.

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Why Recurring Gifts are Important


Case Foundation: The Millennial Impact Research GIVE 2013 Report

Acquiring new donors comes with at a price, and many of these people won’t give again after the first time. Recurring giving doesn’t come with the same cost and can lead to greater donation growth. According to the Millennial Impact Infographic, (below) the average repeat contributor gives 42% more over the course of a year than someone who only gives once. The reason for this is because recurring giving allows people to make smaller gifts. Contributors may not be able to give that same amount at one time, but this adds up over time. For example, the group’s average recurring gift of $52 ends up amounting to $624 per year.

Engage Young Donors

In addition, recurring gifts are a great way to engage with younger donor demographics. Eleventy revealed that 52% of millennials were interested in making regular contributions. Contrary to popular belief, Generation Y is charitable, but they don’t have the same financial ability to make major one-time contributions. Even a small increase in recurring gifts can make a big difference for many organizations.

Smartphones Make Recurring Gifts Easy

In the past, your most engaged donors would send checks through the mail, which could take a while, and it would be easy to forget to send it. However, benefactors can now sign up for recurring gifts in a matter of minutes from a mobile-responsive donation form (see example below).


Add Responsive Giving Forms to Your Website to Increase Gifts

Organizations should implement mobile responsive donation pages even if their website is not fully responsive. The majority of donors check out your website before making a gift for the first time, and many of these people are on a mobile device. If they feel really motivated in the moment, they may decide to give right away. Unfortunately many organization donation pages are very difficult to thumb and complete from a smartphone.

Responsive gift pages adjust to the size of the device being used to access them (see example below), which can decrease form abandonment because it’s easier for donors to complete the transaction from whatever device they choose. Another important tip for your donation page is only ask for the information necessary to complete the transaction. You can collect contact information as long as it doesn’t interfere with the donor’s experience. Too many fields is another cause of donation abandonment. Additionally, you can include a button for people to sign up for recurring gifts on your primary donation page. This significantly decreases the steps it takes to make repeat contributions, which can increase participation.


Branded Donation Pages Yield High Gifts

Branding your donation page (see example above) can further increase results. Even if donors have just been perusing your page, they are more likely to make a bigger contribution if you remind them of the event or cause.Benefactors want to know exactly where their gifts are going, so this reminder establishes confidence in your organization. Network for Good revealed that donors are 31% more likely to enroll in a recurring giving program on a branded donation page.

With MobileCause, you can implement an effective, secure recurring gifts program that ensures your organization has sustainable revenue for years to come.

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