Red Cross Fundraising


Red Cross Fundraising Event: The exclusive American Red Cross Red Tie Affair annually honors the humanitarian spirit of extraordinary individuals. This year’s event will be a salute to our country’s Armed Forces.


red cross fundraising



Red Tie Affair

Red Cross Fundraising Goal: Raise $15,000 at event in mobile donations.

Red Cross Fundraising Call to Action: At the emotional apex of the night event attendees were encouraged to text REDCROSS followed by a donation amount and name. Pledges and names appeared live on screen as the thermometer raised to the goal. Supporters immediately received the text message:

“Thank you for donating. Click here to donate now or you we will call you to fulfill your pledge.”

red cross fundraising

Red Cross Fundraising Results

  • Total Pledged: $20,060
  • Total Collected: $16,665*
  • Donors: 71
  • Average Gift: $235
  • Fulfillment Rate: 83%

*$11,355 fulfilled by text link and call center *$5,310 fulfilled by check at event or online

red cross fundraising


Thanks for reading about Red Cross Fundraising at events. Download the ebook to increase donations at your next event.


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