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In his newest article on Billboard.com, the world’s premier music publication, Chris Payne showcases the poem U2’s Bono shared on social media to hype Celebrity Chef Mario Batali’s anti-AIDS campaign. Chef Batali is launching his own “Eat (RED), Drink (RED) & Save Lives” campaign – inspired by Bono’s (RED) HIV/AIDS nonprofit.

Watch Bono Read A Limerick to Hype Mario Batali’s Anti-AIDS Campaign

By Chris Payne | Billboard | 5/20/15

Mario Batali is the leader-spokesperson of a campaign called Eat (Red) Drink (Red) & Save Lives, which will raise money to fight AIDS/HIV this June through special food and drink events across the world.

Batali’s pal Bono filmed himself reading a limerick to hype the movement. The rhyme is all about what we can do to help combat AIDS and why the chef is just an all-around great guy.

boxing fundraiser

Chef Mario Batali is combining his passion for food and his celebrity platform to host special food and drink fundraising events across the world. Money raised from the “Eat (RED) Drink (RED) & Saves Lives” events will go towards fighting AIDS and HIV.

It just so happens that Batali’s famous friend and co-founder of the infamous RED HIV Aids nonprofit, Bono, had something special to say. This week, Bono recorded himself reading a limerick about the movement. It is truly a brilliant call to action.

Take Away: Having a clear and memorable call to action directs supporters how to get involved or make a donation. Studies have shown that people seek information and leadership. Your call to action should include:

  • Specific/individualized/identifiable examples of how their support will make a difference
  • A touching anecdote that establishes an emotional connection & gives hope – remember, giving is personal
  • The steps they need to follow to contribute, repeated more than once

Remember: You call to action doesn’t always have to be at a live event. Bono’s video was uploaded to YouTube and can be shared via social media, email, text messaging or found in online search results. Follow up with the best possible donor experience and a thank you to ensure the foundation for valuable supporter relationships.

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