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The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) provided media coverage around UK’s Prince Harry’s attendance at the Invictus Games trials, where servicemen and women athletes competed for a spot on this year’s UK team. The Invictus Games started in 2014 after Prince Harry was driven to bring the sporting event for serving and veteran, wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women to international audiences after being inspired by the Warrior Games in the United States in 2013.

Prince Harry helps athlete after wheelchair blows over

BBC | 1/29/16

Prince Harry rushed to help an athlete competing for a place in the Invictus Games after the wind blew over her lightweight racing wheelchair.

RAF medic Anna Pollock had just posed for a picture with the prince when she tipped over on the windy track in Bath.

She joked to the prince: “Are you sure you had nothing to do with it?”

In a speech to injured service men and women hoping to compete in Florida in May, the prince urged them to become ambassadors for the “Invictus spirit”.

mobilecause-outlook,flint michigan with digital fundraisingGrabbing Media Coverage for Fundraising Events Without the Help of Any Royals

Wherever Prince Harry goes, the media is sure to follow. Like the Invictus Games, his good deeds are reported in every type of media imaginable. Unfortunately, you probably aren’t fortunate enough to have a handsome philanthropical prince hanging around to help you grab media coverage for fundraising events that your organization may hold this year.

Press releases are a standard way to alert journalists and the media to the who, what, when, why, how about your event. If you need help writing one for your event, check out these great sample press release templates from About.com.

In addition to writing and putting out press releases about your upcoming fundraising events, you should also work on building relationships with local media contacts to ensure that your faith-based, educational, health or other charitable organization has the best chance of getting noticed. Not only will they be more apt to cover your event if they already know your nonprofit’s story, or have a personal connection to your mission, but they may be open to collaboration on future events. HINT: Local news celebrities make great event speakers/presenters.

Text messages are read 99% of the time, so whenever possible ask your media contacts for a mobile number so you can send them text alerts about upcoming events and other newsworthy happenings for your organization. 

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