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United Way of Central Maryland Empowers Businesses and Individuals Raise Donations with Crowdfunding

United Way of Central Maryland has reached its crowdfunding goal to raise $500,000 from business partners and individual fundraisers. With their Restore Baltimore fundraising campaign, 100% of donations will go toward humanitarian relief and emergency support in affected neighborhoods. 600+ individuals and organizations have already contributed to provide relief to Baltimore. Crowdfunding enabled supporters to donate, become fundraisers, and share to social media, text and email contacts from the convenience of their smartphone, tablet or personal computers.

Restore Baltimore

Businesses and Individuals Set Up Crowdfunding Pages in Minutes from their Smartphones, Tablets or PCs

Crowdfunding pages were easily customized with individual photo or business logo, personal call to action, and fundraising goal. These pages were then promoted by crowdfunders to collect donations and drive awareness of the Restore Baltimore campaign.


Individuals Made Credit Card Donations Conveniently

Restore Baltimore donors were able to make gifts quickly and securely by entering their name, phone, email and credit card number on a mobile-friendly donation page. All collected donations and donor data went immediately and securely to United Way of Central Maryland for Baltimore relief.


Donors Promote on Social Networks and Create Personal Fundraising Pages to Help Raise Donations

With a single click or tap, donors, volunteers and staff were able to share crowdfunding pages with their friends, family and colleagues across social media, text and email contacts. Each crowdfunding page had its own donation keyword and shortcode to trigger in person gifts. Additionally, individuals and businesses could set up their own crowdfunding page, in just a few minutes from their smartphones, to help raise donations for the Restore Baltimore.


United Way Entered All Offline Donations

Offline donations are an important part of crowdfunding because different demographics prefer to donate in different ways and fundraisers want to collect all types of gifts. United Way, followed best practices by manually entering collected checks, cash and matching funds so they would be represented in campaign totals. Donors give more when campaigns have momentum and the fundraising totals are closing in on the goal.


Crowdfunding for Nonprofits is Mainstream

The Restore Baltimore crowdfunding campaign can be easily replicated by United Way Chapters and nonprofit organizations across the country. Crowdfunding for nonprofits enables organizations of any size and segment to effectively raise donations and gain new donors though the personal networks of donors, volunteers and staff. Crowdfunding for nonprofits is available to all MobileCause customers with any plan. Get started today by launching a crowdfunding campaign.

jeremykoenig-1 By Jeremy Koenig, MobileCause Director of Marketing

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