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Boosted year-end fundraising through an exciting multichannel campaign



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Campaign strategy

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Collect online and offline donations

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Mobile messaging

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“This campaign was so much simpler because MobileCause basically did all the work for me! All I had to do was schedule the posts, emails, etc. Our investment has already paid dividends! We raised just over $2,500 on #GivingTuesday. I thought that was outstanding considering we have not attempted a #GivingTuesday campaign with any intentionality in the past. Thank you MobileCause for helping us reach our goals!”

– Lisa Hogan, Executive Director


In the past, Sav-A-Life has focused much of their efforts on year-end fundraising and a direct mail piece that was the cornerstone of the campaign. They had never put a concerted effort into #GivingTuesday and were now ready and excited to try by making it the launching point of their year-end campaign. Their goal was to take a multichannel approach to their fundraising by incorporating text-to-give capabilities, social media, email and more.


Sav-A-Life worked alongside an expert MobileCause Digital Marketing Strategist to develop a plan for when they should be communicating the campaign and how. They utilized a branded text-to-donate keyword (LIVES to 71777) so supporters could easily donate to their campaign. In addition, they included links to branded online donation forms in all their campaign communications.


Integrating a strategic online approach that incorporated #GivingTuesday enabled Sav-A-Life to surpass their year-end fundraising goal of $120,000 and raise $137,407.94 from 138 donors. Their efforts also significantly bolstered overall engagement with their supporters and allowed them to continue expanding their mission.

What is DMS?

Our team of Digital Marketing Strategists have experience in nonprofit management and are power users of MobileCause. Using best practices and extensive fundraising, marketing and communications experience, the team provides fully-integrated development and setup of your campaigns. Enabling you to spend your time executing programs and connecting with your constituents. We create and implement campaigns for you so you can focus on running your organization.


Sav-A-Life, Vestavia is the largest pregnancy care center in the Birmingham metropolitan area and is dedicated to putting an end to abortion, not by legal and public policy, but by supporting one woman at a time to spare her and her child from abortion. They work to accomplish this goal by offering free and confidential services, counseling, education, and support to empower women to carry their babies to term.

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