Sean MacNeill is CEO of MobileCause, a cloud based fundraising platform designed to help organizations gain donors, increase donations and engage supporters. The Southeast Education Network furthers the efficacy of American education by finding, understanding and presenting ideas and resources to our nation’s educators, administrators, government officials and others in the education community.

Next Generation Fundraising for Schools


By Sean MacNeill| 04/23/15 | SouthEast Education Network

Mobile fundraising is poised to transform the way schools and foundations raise money and communicate with students. Never before has it been easier for principals, districts, program directors, coaches, teachers, parents and kids to raise donations and make an impact. Text messaging and social media connect all of us in real-time. These two realities connect kids to parents, students to teachers, coaches to players, and schools to communities. Mobile fundraising is most effective when it is promoted across Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. It has never been easier for a donor of any age, from any demographic, or geographic location, to make a donation and stay connected to their school.

mobilecause-outlookMobile campaigns are the next generational approach to raise much-needed revenue for schools, as well as transforming communication with current students and alumni.

According to the Census Bureau, the total spent per pupil for Public Elementary-Secondary School has consistently increased each fiscal year for the last 20 years. Education at every level is an imperative investment in our future and cannot be neglected. This is where new approaches to generating revenue and maximizing local fundraising efforts are essential.

Mobile fundraising combines the power of technology with traditional fundraising to create new and empowering opportunities for funding and staying connected.

Crowdfunding and text to donate campaigns unify alumni, current students and even the community to give back to the school through their social networks. Sean highlights key factors to keep in mind when going mobile, like using mobile responsive forms and ensuring mobile messaging meets TCPA requirements.

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