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Think about shark week: Very few species of sharks pose an actual threat to humans, and stories of shark attacks are fairly rare. In fact, 251 Americans were fatally attacked by dogs between 2005 and 2012 compared to the five people per year who have been attacked by sharks around the world in the past decade, according to Pensacola, Florida-based newspaper The Courier-Journal. Another common myth is that shark attacks are increasing. The reverse is actually happening because the number of sharks in the world’s oceans is decreasing while a rising number of humans are spending time in the water. In fact, an estimated 100 million sharks are lost every year, which highlights the need for new conservation fundraising ideas.


Mobile Conservation Fundraising Ideas to Raise Awareness

Organizations with a focus on conservation can leverage mobile to increase contributions and raise awareness, especially when it comes to communicating accurate information to supporters and would-be donors.  The reality is humans are the biggest threats to sharks, not the other way around. Although they are the top predators in the oceans, they are threatened by climate change, pollution and hunting. In addition, sharks have suffered from over-fishing in their habitats. Because there are a number of factors in play, more research is needed to stabilize shark populations. Important truths like these should be sent to constituents during national awareness days, weeks and months as mobile messages that have 99% open rates and cannot be ignored.

Mobile Is the Quickest and Most Effective Way to Empower Volunteers and Gain New Donors

Text messages are a versatile medium that allows you to send videos, links to more information or let contributors know about other ways they can get involved. Conservation groups can accelerate the pace at which they are able to boost awareness because texts have a high open rate. Plus, there is the chance eco-conscious donors will object to receiving direct mail. Additionally, volunteers who may not be able to donate can easily raise money with peer to peer fundraising.

Smartphones are a Great Way to Capture Impulse Donations

During times like Shark Week when awareness is already elevated, organizations can double down on their fundraising efforts. Mobile technology has irreversibly changed how people interact with charities. In particular, millennials are more likely to be motivated by causes rather than specific organizations. This age group is also more inclined to do some research before making a contribution. If your group makes the effort to engage with donors with facts and impact information, it translates into more donations.


Research Organizations Should Utilize Mobile Fundraising Events to Secure Donations for New Initiatives

Mobile provides an excellent complement to annual galas or other live events. Many conservation organizations need to get creative to maximize donations. An event thermometer can increase gifts from attendees, sometimes even inspiring participants to make more than one donation. Foundations need to emphasize the importance of sharks to the world’s oceans to make progress in conservation efforts.


Conservation Fundraising Idea that Every Org Should Adopt…

Are the days of the year where your audience is especially in tune with your cause because of something that happens in popular culture? Once you have the day selected, use mobile technologies to capture impulse donations, gain new donors and engage your supporters!

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