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Slacker to Hero: Redefining the Millennial Donor Stereotype

What the nonprofit sector thinks of millennials will be redefined by the editors of Observer.com, who have assembled a list of under-40s, including celebrities Jennifer Hudson, Aziz Ansari, Ronan Farrow and Orlando Bloom, all of whom are helping to change the image of the stereotypical millennial donor from that of lazy slacker to philanthropic hero. Observer.com creates premium content on style & design, arts & entertainment, tech & innovation and news & politics.

Trending Article | Observer.com | The Editors | 03/30/2016

These 20 Heroes Under 40 Give Millennials a Good Name

Starring Jennifer Hudson, Aziz Ansari, Ronan Farrow and Orlando Bloom

millennial donor

What’s wrong with these kids today? Coddled, lazy slackers constantly snapping selfies. That stereotypical image of millennials, however, erodes when faced by facts. According to a recent survey of 2,500 employees born after 1980 sponsored by the Case Foundation, a stunning 84 percent donated money to charity in 2014, and more than 1 in 3 volunteered up to 10 hours of their time. A worldwide study of consumers by the advertising and public relations agency Havas reports that 73 percent of millennials believe “corporations and governments should work together to make the world a better place.”

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Insider Outlook | Paul Dutch | MobileCause Sales Director


The Best Ways to Engage the New Philanthropic Millennial Donor

Misconceptions about the demographic’s behavior can sway organizations away from targeting the millennial donor. However, each one of the philanthropic heroes under 40 featured in the article is living proof that millennials are much more complex and much more rooted in doing good than most people think, so should not be discounted from truly making a positive difference for your cause.

One thing is certain, to effectively engage the millennial donor your organization must be able to reach them in the ways they prefer to be engaged and how they prefer to communicate, and that means on mobile. Text messaging, which has a 98% open rate, is especially effective since millennials infrequently check emails and are generally unresponsive to voice calls. By sending them updates with links to photos and videos, social media posts, sign-up and registration forms and donation pages you can keep them informed and engaged in your work.

Crowdfunding on mobile is another way to engage millennials because it capitalizes on their ability to influence each other peer-to-peer. Crowdfunding empowers them to take an even more meaningful role in a cause they care about as volunteer fundraisers using their own fundraising page customized with a photo and their own message. They can even decide how much they want to raise for your cause and then in just a few minutes, start sharing their crowdfunding campaign via text and across social media to all of their friends and family.

Summary: Take advantage of the millennial donor’s deep-seated desire to make a meaningful impact for good by offering them opportunities to engage and contribute to your cause via mobile communication and crowdfunding that empower them to take a more active role in your organization’s success.

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