New Smile To Donate Using Cutting-Edge Facial Recognition Software

A New Way to Give From Anywhere

The computer, phone, and credit card were invented before the internet. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human-computer interaction that eliminates the need for traditional fundraising methods. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology to make donations? You know about mobile and online giving solutions, but this is something a little more personal.
Introducing Smile to Donate — now you can give to your favorite nonprofit with just a smile 🙂

Easy to learn

A simple smile is all you have to know.

Improved conversion rate

Your donors can make a donation up to 81% faster just by using the power of a photograph.

Feel the love from your donors

Every donation comes with a smile. See the difference you are making everyday with a donation and a smile.

How It Works

MobileCause smile to donate uses your computer’s or smartphone’s camera and MobileCause’s patented facial recognition technology to detect your facial expressions and translate them into meaningful characters and commands needed to fill out your donor information. A smile is a movement that is simple and intuitive for people of all skill levels.

All of your donor’s payment information has been stored over the years including their facial structure. So when someone wants to donate they do not even need to use a payment card. Once they take the picture of themselves smiling. The MobileCause payment server retrieves their payment information from the international cloud payment data network.

No one can mimic your bone structure or facial construction patterns, making this not only the most secure way to donate in the world, but the fastest too.

Smile Guide

Familiarize yourself with some of the basic smiles of MobileCause Smile to Donate using these examples of smiles provided. Using these as samples, you’ll be able to inform your supporters of what smiles are acceptable in order to use this new technology. Once they are informed, you will be able to collect donations in no time.

Click here to see the full guide

Accept Multiple Donations With One Simple Picture

MobileCause smile to donate allows you to take group photos and accept donations from all the people in the photo. Using the same facial recognition technology you don’t have to guide multiple people go through an individual form. Now they can take a group smiling photo together and each person will donate the chosen amount they agreed upon. Get ready to see your organization’s donations go through the roof!

Join The Movement

Some of the largest organizations have started using this technology and so can you. Transform your organization into a fundraising machine using the world’s leading mobile and online fundraising and communication Software. The best part is you will be raising more money in less time and less effort, faster than ever before.

Get started with smile to donate!


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“We no longer have to wait for the latest fundraising technology. The future is now, it is up to you and your supporters to use it the right way.”
– Charlotte Mandeno, Executive Director, California Polytechnic Institution

“We all know that 80% of communication is done without words. MobileCause’s smile to donate technology embraces this fact to the fullest.”
– Harold Bensterger, Founder, Need A Hand Please and Thanks Organization

“Bravo to the MobileCause team for bridging the gap between pictures and payment. The next version will drop even more jaws than before!”
– Stacy McQueen, Software Engineer, MobileCause Technology Team

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