Humanized Social Media Marketing Raises More Than Just Awareness for Your Cause

An insightful article by Samantha Cooney for Mashable covers ad company Badger & Winters video spot highlighting the negative impact that objectification of women in advertising can have on real women. The social media marketing efforts promoting the campaign feature real women standing up for the ones they care about using #WomenNotObjects. Ms. Cooney is a journalist based in New York City, currently reporting for Mashable as an intern for its business section.

Trending Article | Samantha Cooney | Mashable | 03/08/2016

Girls Are Growing up Thinking That How They Look Is More Important Than How They Feel, and an Advertising Exec Wants to Change That

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A new ad campaign is hoping it can inspire others to stand up against the objectification of women in advertising.

Badger & Winters, the advertising company behind January’s viral #WomenNotObjects campaign, released a new spot on International Women’s Day to showcase how the objectification of women in advertising can harm real women — and asking others to stand up for cause.

Badger & Winters are encouraging others to stand up against objectification in advertising by posting videos to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the hashtag #IStandUp. The goal? To put pressure on the industry to change how their ads represent women.

Read the full article and watch the video

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Social Media Marketing with a Very Human Element

The foundation of a successful social media marketing campaign is the human element that engages and compels people to share whatever message is being promoted. It’s no surprise then that the Badgers & Winters #WomenNotObjects campaign went viral as it clearly connected with women on a very personal and human level.

Using similar tactics to resonate with fans, families and alumni, Cal State Monterey Bay ran a 36-hour fundraising blitz, which was heavily promoted through social media marketing promotion by supporters of the school’s athletic department. The university created donation keywords for each participating sports teams and had each team compete to raise donations. They also promoted the school’s main keyword WEAREMB along with a corresponding donation form shortlink.

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The social media marketing efforts along with random antics around the school’s campus, including flash mobs and free pizza, drove even more participation proving once again that the human element, which in this case included a friendly sense of competition, resulted in the MB 36 Blitz campaign exceeding their goal by raising $10,000 in the short timeframe.

Summary: Make sure to humanize your social media marketing campaigns in order to effectively engage donors on a personal level that will compel them to take action to support your cause.

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