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Sports teams and clubs give kids and young adults a fun way to be active as well as make new friends and learn valuable life skills. However, many of these organizations rely on donations from parents and community members to keep running. Sports team donations can come in many innovative forms, but peer to peer fundraising may be one of the most powerful ways for teams to increase revenue.

sports team donations

In the past, teammates usually had to do door-to-door fundraising, such as selling cookie dough or magazine subscriptions, to raise money for team activities. While these methods of collecting donations can be effective, peer to peer fundraising from the convenience of a smartphone can help your team acquire more funds in a shorter amount of time. Here is a closer look at how mobile technology can make a big difference for sports teams and clubs.

Supercharge Sports Fundraising Events

Sports fundraising easily lends itself to fun events to get people involved. For example, youth teams can host a walkathon or shoot-a-thon, according to Signup Genius. Kids can ask for sponsors to pledge a certain amount per mile walked, basket shot or home run hit to raise funds for their teams. This approach can easily incorporate with the concepts of peer to peer fundraising because these platforms make it simple to gain pledges.

Sports teams can also utilize dinner parties to attract donations. Clubs can partner with local restaurants to sponsor events, and peer to peer fundraising makes hosting these events easier. Plus, through a peer to peer platform like MobileCause, organizations can offer to match donations to further accelerate fundraising efforts. Through a dedicated mobile platform, you don’t need to worry about processing extensive paperwork. All contributions will go directly to your cause to ensure sports teams can keep having fun.

sports team donations

Smartphones Make it Easy to Setup Fundraising Pages


There are a number of ideas for fun events to get more people involved with youth sports teams and clubs, such as fundraiser tournaments with other local organizations. Teams can even step away from their primary sport and do an activity like a dance off or a dodgeball game to raise money. A mobile platform can increase the effectiveness of any of these initiatives and put you well on your way toward your goal.

Why Peer to Peer is Effective for Sports Team Donations

You’ve probably heard of crowdfunding or peer to peer fundraising, but why is it so important and effective? While team members and parents may come up with creative ideas for sports team donations, you can’t do it on your own. Peer to peer is successful because it builds on existing relationships and opens the door for wider awareness and support, CauseVox stated. Any kind of fundraising requires time and effort to succeed, but with a number of other tasks, sports teams may feel pressed for time when it comes to raising money. Crowdfunding can amplify your efforts. Social media usage has skyrocketed in the past few years, which makes it easier for you to reach your friends’ and family members’ wider networks to make new connections.


Multiply the Effectiveness of Fundraising Efforts

While the notion of crowdfunding isn’t exactly brand new, using smartphones for fundraising can magnify the impact of sports team donations. Plus, mobile makes it easy to set up a campaign page in a matter of minutes and share information friends and family to expand reach. Youth sports teams and clubs can quickly be on their way to gaining the funding they need.

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Shelley WenkBy Shelley Wenk, Head of Customer Success

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