MobileCause has supported tens of thousands of successful fundraising and communication campaigns.

$65k avg amount raised on the MobileCause platform in 2017

.08/$1 cost per dollar raised on the MobileCause platform in 2017

Over 24 million donors on the MobileCause fundraising platform

Response Rates


direct mail only

Response rates using only direct mail average 6%, which is not ideal by any means


direct mail + web

When adding just one other medium of communication, response rates increase by over 20%


direct mail + email

When adding just one other medium of communication, response rates increase by over 20%


direct mail + web + email

When using web and email engagement alongside direct mail, response rates shoot up to 37%!

Donor Engagement


of donors use a mobile phone as their primary device

A massive number of people now use their mobile phones as their primary device, making them vital in communication


of web searches happen on a mobile device

More than half of all web searches occur on mobile devices, so promoting through text and having mobile-friendly landing pages are necessities


of text messages sent by MobileCause are read

They are read with an average response time of 90 seconds! This makes text engagement the most efficient way to reach out to your donor base


of emails sent by MobileCause are read

They are read with an average response time of 90 minutes. They are not only much less likely to be opened(than text), but also take longer to get their message to the donor.

Digital Fundraising


more submissions are made due to mobile-friendly pages

Because mobile-friendly donation pages are compatible with smartphones, tablets and PCs, they are able to capture many more donations


of people abandon donation pages because of slow loading

Using donation pages that are friendly across all platforms drastically reduces abandoned donations and makes the donation process much easier and more pleasant for the donor


more funds are collected using branded donation pages

This is in comparison to a generic donation page. Branded donation pages give donors a sense of trust that their money is going to the organization and cause they support


donors that set up recurring gifts give two times more

In comparison with those who donate once, the recurring givers donate much more. Catering fundraising initiatives towards these supporters greatly increases giving

Online Giving


is the average online donation amount

60% of donors researching your nonprofit organization online before making a donation, do it on a mobile device


is the average annual donation total for recurring donors

Donors who setup recurring gifts donate twice as much annually as those who give one-time gifts


online giving made from a mobile device

To maximize donations, each campaign should have a unique keyword, shortlink, QR code and donation page


secure donations made from any device

MobileCause is PCI DSS Certified to ensure 100% donor data security for all online forms

Event Fundraising


is the average text to donate amount

Attendees make mobile pledges by texting a keyword followed by a donation amount and name


increase in giving with fundraising thermometer

Recognizing donations in real-time and displaying totals inspires donors to give more and reach the goal


is the average mobile pledge fulfillment rate

Mobile pledge fulfillment is increased with automated text message reminders and call center follow up


of participants are personally thanked

All attendees, participants and donors receive a text message with link to personal thank you video

Crowdfunding for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


is the average amount raised by volunteers

Crowdfunding pages are easily promoted by text, email, social media, direct mail and in-person


is the average peer to peer donation size

Tax receipts are automated, donations are secure, and donor data is collected


donors give to each fundraiser on average

Individuals can setup their own page in minutes from a mobile device


of donors who give to crowdfunding are new

Crowdfunding is an effective way to gain a new generation of advocates

Mobile Communication


of text message reminders are read in 3 minutes

Text messages with links to videos are the best way to communicate with donors in real-time


is the average mobile subscription rate

Only 24% of supporters opt-out of receiving text message updates from nonprofit organizations


of nonprofit emails are read on mobile

Donate links in emails should open mobile-friendly pages that are formatted for Apple and Android AutoFill


of participants are personally thanked

Social media ambassadors promote fundraising campaigns to their networks

Donor Data


mobile phone adoption rate for US adults

Mobile phone number is the most accurate record in your donor database


smartphone adoption rate for US adults

Donors with smartphones are increasingly comfortable with making financial transactions on a mobile device


of US donors do not have a landline

Since 2008 landlines have been abandoned at a rate of 17% each year


of Americans change their address each year

Use mobile-friendly online forms to keep mailing address records up-to-date

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