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Westminster Christian Academy (WCA) is a Louisiana-based private school focused on transforming society through present and future generations. Each year, WCA hosts its annual “Feed The Need” fundraiser to raise money to pack and send meals to children in impoverished nations, as well as raise money for improvements across campus. Crowdfunding for schools became the perfect solution, allowing WCA to empower parents, students, and staff to raise money for the cause as they shared the campaign with friends and family, who could also sign up to raise money on their behalf.

Maximize Fundraising With Minimal Effort

Crowdfunding for schools is an easy, impactful way to raise large amounts of money in a short period of time–especially for schools looking to empower volunteers to do good and serve the poor.

WCA set a goal of raising $150,000 for the Feed The Need crowdfunding campaign in just one week. After the school set up their main crowdfunding page, students, families, and faculty were able to join in the crowdfunding fun and become a fundraiser in minutes. WCA provided a dedicated webpage on the school’s site with instructions on how to donate and participate, making it easy for anyone to sign up.

Keyword-Driven Crowdfunding For Schools

Almost instantly fundraisers started signing up, customizing their page with their own photo, message, and individual crowdfunding goal– all from the convenience of their smartphone, tablet, or PC. Feed The Need fundraisers promoted their donation pages in person, by email, text message, and across social media.

One of the most unique features of the campaign was the keyword that supporters could text to a dedicated keyword to a shortcode to either sign up or donate, making the campaign easy to access and simple to participate in.


Streamlined Fulfillment Made Easy

As word spread about the campaign, donors pledged and fulfilled their donation via credit and debit card donations. All MobileCause donation pages are mobile-friendly, making it easy for donors to give wherever they are, on any device. All donations were collected securely with automatic tax receipts sent to donors instantly.

Donations From Anywhere, At Any Time

As the donations began to roll in, WCA was able to showcase offline donations (gifts made by cash or check) on their campaign thermometer and donor wall with MobileCause’s easy-to-use platform. In addition to its Feed the Need crowdfunding campaign, WCA also uses an embedded MobileCause donation form on their site to make it easy for families to donate to the school throughout the year.

Crowdfunding For Schools Summary

Crowdfunding for schools allowed Westminster Christian Academy to empower students, staff, and families to put on a successful Feed The Need campaign with personalized crowdfunding pages that helped the school meet their goal:


  • 400 families set up and promoted their own crowdfunding pages
  • $156,000 raised from 1,465 donors and 12 corporate sponsors
  • Crowdfunding goal surpassed and 30,000 meals provided to hungry children in Haiti and Liberia

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