Chantal Tode, a Senior Editor at Mobile Marketer, examines Oxfam America’s latest mobile Unwrapped advertising campaigns that will target donors on mobile with outdoor, print and online ads as well as social media anywhere near one of their out-of-home ad placements located in grocery stores and shopping malls. Ms. Chantal covers advertising, messaging, legal/privacy and database/CRM.

Oxfam unwraps mobile location for in-app holiday fundraising ads

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Chantal Tode | Mobile Marketer | 11/23/15

Nonprofit Oxfam America is leveraging mobile location to target shoppers with in-application banners ads at a time when these users are most likely to make a donation, boosting donations during the organization’s year-end fundraising campaign.
“This particular campaign will use banner ads, which link to a mobile-optimized landing page to make the donation,” she said. “It’s a really seamless experience.”


Why Oxfam Is Spending Advertising Dollars to Target Donors On Mobile

Working with XAd, a mobile advertising company, Oxfam will target donors on mobile using real-time location data to push Oxfam messaging to them on their mobile phones when they’re most likely to give while they’re near supporting Oxfam ads outdoors, inside stores that carry magazines with their print ads as well as in malls and shopping centers. The mobile ads will link donors to mobile responsive landing pages for a seamless experience.

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 Effectively Target Donors On Mobile To Maximize Year-End Giving

The ability to target donors with mobile marketing provides your organization with a very effective method to reach and engage them during the busy holiday season on a device that 99% of people in the US carry with them wherever they are. In fact, when donors were asked the best way for nonprofits to get their attention, 70% of them reported that they preferred they be contacted by text. And as long as your SMS message links them to a custom mobile responsive donation form, donor giving can increase by 38%.

To maximize year-end giving, target donors on mobile preventing your nonprofit organization from being invisible to more than 50% of potential donations.

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