In her article for Entrepreneur, Laura Entis, examines why and how the founder of Watsi, an organization focused on crowdfunding individual’s medical treatment in developing countries, is successfully running his organization not as a stereotypical nonprofit, but instead, like a technology startup.  Ms. Entis is a staff writer at Entrepreneur covering tech, business psychology, social media, startups and digital advertising.

This Nonprofit Acts Like a Tech Startup. Why Don’t More Nonprofits Do the Same?

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Laura Entis | Entrepreneur | 11/4/15

When it comes to using technology to solve humanity’s problems, so much more can be done. That’s how Chase Adam feels about it anyway. “It’s crazy that there are huge engineering teams figuring out how we can add a different filter to our photos, but there are so few people using the Internet and technology to bring education or health care to the world,” he says. “It’s absolutely mind-boggling to me.” As the founder of Watsi, a nonprofit that allows people to donate small amounts of money to crowdfund medical treatments for individuals in 20 developing countries, Adam, 29, is doing his part to remedy this imbalance. While Watsi’s mission is stereotypically nonprofit (in the best possible way), the company operates more like a technology startup. Case in point: Today, Watsi announced it has raised $3.5 million in donations the same way a photo-filter app might reveal the close of its Series A round.

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The Importance of Focusing on Nonprofit Technology Resources

Watsi founder, Adam Blade believes that nonprofits must truly change how they think about overcoming the challenges they face every day. That they must embrace technology and leverage its power, the same way a for-profit company would, to make a significant positive impact, in the work they do and the money they make.

However, all too often organizations struggling to survive, fail to adopt nonprofit technology resources as a means to move forward, believing that technology solutions are financially out of their reach, that their limited funds should be spent elsewhere, or that they lack the resources to make it work for them. Make Nonprofit Technology Resources Work For Your Organization Even with substantial in-kind donations and a strong volunteer force, your organization still requires you to raise money for human and other resources in order to fulfill your mission. It’s time to take a page from the for-profit world and focus on your organization’s bottom line, which will in turn allow you to do more good. Nonprofit technology resources, especially mobile-first solutions can not only facilitate this but can make fundraising easier and more fruitful.

  • 75% of donors research websites before donating to a nonprofit organization
  • $107 average mobile donation amount
  • Custom mobile responsive donation forms can increase overall donations 38%
  • 70% of donors report that texts are a good way for nonprofits to get their attention
  • Crowdfunding can expand your donor base by 62% and on average each virtual fundraiser raises $568
  • Real-time fundraising thermometers can increase event revenue by 35%
  • End-to-end mobile solutions cut admin time by 50%
  • 35% of donors prefer to respond to direct mail by giving online

Crowdfunding, digital fundraisingmobile marketing, and other mobile-first technology solutions can help your organization reach more donors, raise more awareness and collect more donations. No technical skills are required plus no cost merchant services, zero transaction fees on all donations and an industry low flat credit card processing fee of 2.5%, even for American Express, mean you’re able to spend less time, money and resources to raise more funds and support for your cause.

nonprofit technology resources

Follow the example of for-profit companies and embrace nonprofit technology resources to help you increase donations while saving time and money.

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