Teleton Fundraising

Since 1997—on the first weekend of December – Teleton fundraising holds a worldwide PTV telethon on Univision for rehabilitation centers for disabled children. Teleton fundraising mission is “To provide knowledge about physical disabilities, giving a strong message about respect, equality and support to people in these conditions.” Each year the fundraising goal is to raise the previous years total plus one Mexican Peso. During the annual event Latin American actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and celebrities promote the fundraising campaign for disease treatment and physical therapy in children’s hospitals. During this emotional broadcast viewers learn how they can help kids with disabilities walk, talk, play, smile and reach their dreams.




Teleton Fundraising with Text Donations

To increase overall donation amounts—teleton fundraising partnered with MobileCause to create a fundraising opportunity where viewers can make text to donate contributions by texting TELETON to 80888. The 2012 overall fundraising goal for the event from all forms of giving was $7,000,000 (as seen above on screen).




Best Practice for Year 2 Teleton Fundraising

To increase overall Teleton fundraising donations MobileCause sent two custom text messages to last years 22,500+ mobile donors. The first text message announced the Teleton Fundraising USA 2013 event and the second asked constituents for a reply-to-give donation. All supporters had to do to make a new $10 donation was reply with the keyword TELETON.


Year After Year Teleton Fundraising Mobile Response

As mobile fundraising continues to evolve an important trend to consider is the increase in participation when mobile tools are utilized year after year. As supporters become familiar with the mobile giving option (not to mention as mobile donating becomes more and more convenient with the adoption of smartphones) we continue to see tremendous growth in overall funds raised with mobile

  • 2011 total raised: $226,710 (3.2% of goal)
  • 2012 total raised: $930,610 (13.3% of goal)

Daniel ScalisiBy Daniel Scalisi, Founder/ EVP Sales & Market Development

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