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MobileCause customers are growing their organizations, expanding their reach, and enhancing their missions through our fundraising and communication software. See what these organizations have said about their ability to raise more and boost engagement to have a bigger impact.

Michelle Brunner at Alaska Resource Center had a positive experience using MobileCause.

“We have never raised that kind of money in such a short amount of time. We were stunned! The board loved it and we plan to double donations next year.”

–Michelle Brunner, Alaska Resource Education

Lauren Hopkins at YMCA of Florida's First Coast had success using a MobileCause Live Event Thermometer.

“MobileCause makes giving very, very exciting. We were so thrilled when donations started flooding in and we reached our goal in three minutes! At our next event we plan to ask for much more in donations.”

–Lauren Hopkins, YMCA of Florida’s First Coast

Jacob Austin of United Way of Central Maryland found MobileCause helped his team connect with donors more easily.

“When we go into the workplace and across social media, we use online forms, and when we are hosting in-person events, we use text-to-give. Technology helps us connect with supporters faster and easier than traditional methods.”

–Jacob Austin, United Way of Central Maryland

Justin Marshall of Northwood University used MobileCause crowdfunding to engage alumni.

“MobileCause crowdfunding made it fun for alumni to raise donations and easy for them to make a difference… which was a big win for us!”

– Justin Marshall, Northwood University

Shelly Wenk at International Medical Corps found MobileCause to be a powerful addition to their event fundraising strategy.

“MobileCause makes giving at events exciting! Every single attendee is empowered to become an important part of our mission.”

–Shelley Wenk, International Medical Corps

The United States Equestrian Team was suprised at how MobileCause helped them engage their older donor base.

“The older generation of donors will always be phasing out. Think outside the fundraising box to reach your next generation of supporters. Don’t try to fit things into a mold because you never know what might work!”

–Michele Zanzonico, United States Equestrian Team

Carla Robinson of Sea Sheperd found MobileCause helped them both engage with and fundraise from donors.

“MobileCause understands the sensitivity of managing our donors. They provide solutions consistent with our need to respect and protect the relationship with them. With MobileCause we can do everything from fundraise to simply stay in touch with donors.”

– Carla Robinson, Sea Shepherd

Harold Welter of the Cheryl Lynn Welter Charitable Foundation found MobileCause to go far beyond his expectations.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help…and, especially for your patience!  I know I’m paying you, but you’ve gone far beyond what I would have expected. Rest assured that, when we begin distributing grants to help those kids, YOU will be largely responsible for doing God’s work.”

–Harold Welter, Cheryl Lyn Welter Charitable Foundation

Darren Mullinex of Samaritan's Purse found MobileCause a great solution for fundraising for natural disasters  like earthquakes or floods.

“In times of national or international crisis such as earthquakes, floods, storms, or famines, providing various channels that allow our donors to respond quickly and effectively is important to Samaritan’s Purse. MobileCause has been a helpful, reliable, and affordable partner in this effort.”

–Darren Mullinex, Samaritan’s Purse

Vicki Raven of United Way of Ventura found MobileCause extremely user friendly.

“It was a very quick spreading fire, and the fact we were able to react so quickly with MobileCause to get our page set-up, customized, and handle the volume, was truly exceptional.”

– Vicki Raven, United Way of Ventura

MobileCause's Digital Fundraising Services team helped with Homeless Healthcare of Los Angeles' #GivingTuesday campaign.

“Having the support from MobileCause’s Digital Marketing Services team for this year’s #GivingTuesday campaign was a total game changer.”

–Heather Edney, Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles

Monica Lewis of Jackson State University knows she can rely on MobileCause's Support Team to answer any questions she has.

“The support has been great! If I ever have a question, I know can rely on MobileCause to help me or answer any questions I have.”

–Monica Lewis, Jackson State University

MobileCause helped Dabo's All in One Team raise awareness for their campaign.

“We wanted to see if this could work for us, being a small organization in a small town. MobileCause helped us create an effective strategy to raise awareness about our campaign. Not only did we receive more donations than ever, but we gained a lot of interest and momentum for next year.”

– Lexie Vick, Dabo’s All in Team Foundation

MobileCause helped the Kant Institute set new records for their annual fundraising event.

“Last night, we raised more money than we ever have before. Several of our regular attendees remarked at how simple the process was this year. We cannot thank you enough for all your help and expertise. You made us look very good, and we are grateful beyond words. It truly was a spectacular evening.”

– The Kant Institute

With a MobileCause donation form, United Way of Salt Lake City improved their donation results.

“MobileCause has provided our donors with a mobile friendly donation form, saved our staff time, and helped us improve our donation results!”

–Rachel Patterson, United Way Salt Lake

MobileCause helped the Coronado Schools Foundation with their annual telethon.

“The last few years we haven’t hit our target the night of the telethon, and we spend 2 weeks after to follow-up to hit the goal, but this year we were really excited we hit $209,000 by the night!

– Michelle Gilmore, Coronado Schools Foundation

MobileCause helped Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter attract new donors and raise more.

“MobileCause easy-to-use fundraising solutions have increased our overall revenues and donor database by 10x!”

– Jessica Mitcham, Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter

The Boy Scotts of America Long Beach Council, intends to use MobileCause to engage its volunteer base.

“Through the MobileCause platform solutions, I’m thoroughly convinced it can help us revolutionize the way BSA leverages the power of its immense volunteer-base.”

–Marc Bonner, Boy Scouts of America Long Beach Area Council

With a crowdfunding campaign, United Way of Central Maryland raised over $500,000.

“This MobileCause crowdfunding campaign took on a life of its own and within weeks, we had raised more than a half a million dollars.”

– Molly Boncaro, United Way of Central Maryland

The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation has had success using MobileCause at their live fundraising events.

“As I sit there pedaling on the bike and see names scroll on the screen, I can see everybody that gives. I keep it in front of me because it motivates me.”

– Steve Harvey, The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation

The MobileCause team helped Majel Hein at Great Rivers United Way setup online pledge forms.

“MobileCause, thank you! As we piloted our first workplace giving campaign using online pledge forms, you were very responsive and helpful with the things I didn’t know how to set up and work properly to truly run an effective campaign.”

– Majel Hein, Great Rivers United Way

The MobileCause team helped Majel Hein at Great Rivers United Way setup online pledge forms.

“MobileCause is more than a fundraising platform it’s a way of life for many nonprofits. As a Founder of a growing organization, I’m always looking for ways to fundraise and to give donors easy access to share their heart conveniently. Their text-to-donate option is AMAZING and their customer service is really what keeps us coming back for more. We explored with Classy last year and goodness they were terrible. MobileCause is the way to go!”

–Kristen Paruginog, Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence

Larkin Street Youth Services used a MobileCause Live Event Thermometer and raised over $10,000.

“We had never done a Fund My Future type of element at this event before but we decided to give MobileCause a try since this audience is very tech friendly. The response was amazing! With careful planning of a few “plant” pledges in the audience, a motivated speaker to inspire the crowd and the thermometer on the screen to illustrate the donations, we were able to exceed our fundraising by $10k. I highly recommend using their services.”

– Heather Ripley, Larkin Street Youth Services

Brent at Washington DECA found MobileCause online donation forms extremely easy to setup.

“Thanks to MobileCause and promotion plan that we put together we had a “buzz” about our luncheon that we had never experienced in the past, which eventually resulted in an increase in attendance as well as, tripling the amount of pre and post event giving. Since this was a new platform for Washington DECA we really appreciated the hands-on assistance (some might say “hand holding”) that was provided by MobileCause. We also utilize MobileCause for our online giving page and compared to other platforms that I’ve used theirs is an absolute breeze!”

– Brent Mason, Washington DECA

Inner City Arts loved how MobileCause enabled event attendees to give directly from their mobile device.

“I was amazed when I learned how easy it was to set up my own page. I was even more amazed when I saw how easy it was for people to give with a credit/debit card from a mobile device.”

– Bob Smiland, Inner City Arts

Supporters of Operation Underground Railroad love how text updates keep them up to date on efforts to free child slaves.

“Operation Underground Railroad texts keep me on the edge of my seat and make me feel like I am part of each rescue mission.”

– Abolitionist, Operation Underground Railroad

Emily Barlow Redd at Children's Service Society enjoyed working with her MobileCause Digital Fundraising Strategist and Account Manager.

“I searched out a company to help our Non-profit. I am thrilled with MobileCause. They have a great group of people. Super helpful!

– Emily Barlow Redd, Children’s Service Society

Natalie Moss at Source MN Inc. found MobileCause online tools helped bring uniformity to her teams' campaigns.

“The ease and timeliness with which MobileCause took our branding, language and goals and created uniform marketing material was such a gift to our small, busy team! It took us to the next level of Fundraising Marketing without having to spend months learning how to do it ourselves. Thank you!”

– Natalie Moss, Source MN Inc.

Terri Willis at Brazoria County Dream Center found MobileCause Support staff and training videos helpful.

“We switched to the MobileCause platform about a year an half ago. It took me a few months to become familiar with the product but it was not hard. They have a great support staff and videos. When I ran into difficulties they were just a phone call away and walked me through it. I am not tech savvy so the support really helped.”

– Terri Willis, Brazoria County Dream Center Inc.

Latin Equip found the MobileCause staff were personally invested in their organization's mission.

“We love MobileCause and all that they do to make Latin Equip a success! As a fundraising platform, they cannot be beat. The online training and real-time support is fantastic, and has allowed us to soar as a non-profit. They personally care about our organization, and that is something no other platform has done. Their text-to-give is awesome! Thank you MobileCause!”

– Shelly Hopkins, Latin Equip

With the help of MobileCause Memorial Care exceeded their fundraising goals.

“Everyone at MobileCause was great from sales process to support – we appreciated all of the assistance every step of the way! Because of this support and the amazing fundraising tools we were provided with, we were able to have tremendous success in exceeding our campaign’s goal!”

– Candice Wood, Memorialcare Medical Foundation

Shelly Gomez at Noah's Bark Dog Rescue found MobileCause reporting and analytics helpful for uncovering how supporters were finding them online.

“The channel metrics are so powerful. We can now see how donors are finding us and which marketing channels are driving donations. It’s been a game-changer for us.”

– Shelly Gomez, Noah’s Bark Dog Rescue

Teach for America Phoneix exceeded their fundraising goal from the prior year by 130% with the help of MobileCause.

“MobileCause has been a total game-changer. With less than 4-weeks lead time before our event, we had the support we needed to not only reach our goal but surpass it by over 130% from the previous year. This platform will transform the way you do fundraising events.”

– Bennell LaPorte, Teach for America Phoenix

With the help of MobileCause's online donation tools, Casa El Buen Samarintano raised over $17,000.With the help of MobileCause's online donation tools, Casa El Buen Samarintano raised over $17,000.

“We had our gala on Friday and had a hopeful goal of $7,000 but a far-out dream goal of $17,000. Well, this week we are thanking God for MobileCause because we surpassed our dream goal!”

– Julissa Chappell, Executive Director, Casa El Buen Samaritano 

MobileCause gave the John Deer Classic new ways to connect with fans and supporters.

“We adore this platform – it has given us so much flexibility and new ways to connect with our donors and fans!”

– John Deere Classic

Turning Point Pregnancy found MobileCause Text to Donate and Fundraising Thermometer helpful to their campaign.

“The event thermometer and text-to-donate made giving so easy and convenient!”

– Turning Point Pregnancy

The Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction was impressed with MobileCause's Digital Fundraising Services package.

“Not knowing what the value would be, we were apprehensive to purchase the digital marketing package when we first signed up. However, now that I have utilized this service for a major event, I can now say, I will never go without it. That is a testament to not only to the digital marketing product but more importantly, to the talented staff at MobileCause who work with you on your event.”

– Lauren Connors, The Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction

Adult & Teen Challenge of Upper Cumberland had a MobileCause Digital Fundraising Strategist help with their Annual Dessert Banquet.

“Our Digital Marketing Strategist truly went above and beyond, being patient and helpful when we needed it most. She was there every step of the way and helped us take our Annual Dessert Banquet to the next level.”

– Danielle Clemons, Development Director, Adult and Teen Challenge of the Upper Cumberland

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