Writing for National Geographic, Brian Clark Howard’s article explores how a text message alerts are being used as an early warning system that is helping to keep the people and elephants of Tamil Nadu in India safe. Mr. Howard is an environmental journalist, writer, editor and social media consultant.

Text Messages Prevent Deaths by Elephants in India

An elephant early warning system saves lives in Tamil Nadu.

Brian Clark Howard | National Geographic | 12/29/15

In India, millions of people live alongside Asian elephants. Generally, they interact peacefully. But sometimes encounters can turn deadly.

The stakes are particularly high in the southeastern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Between 1994 and 2013, 41 people there lost their lives in encounters with elephants. But now, new technology is helping prevent such deaths: An early warning system texts residents if elephants are near.

mobilecause-outlook, text message alertsText Message Alerts Can Do Just About Everything In Real-Time

For the people (and elephants) of Valparai, India, text message alerts can mean the difference between life and death. When it comes to sharing time-sensitive, critical information in real-time, nothing beats the effectiveness of text message alerts because most are read within minutes of being sent out.

One MobileCause success story example, Operation Underground Railroad, uses text message alerts to keep their donors and supporters informed during their international undercover rescue missions to save kidnapped children from sex slavery. Whether you’re trying to raise funds or awareness during an emergency or sharing last-minute changes with attendees about an upcoming event’s location, real-time text message alerts can help any health, higher education, faith-based and charitable organization keep their subscribers informed and ready to act at the drop of a hat.


Text message alerts are nearly impossible to ignore and have a 99% open rate with 90% read within 3 minutes.

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