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The Cause

Success Stories: Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad rescues kidnapped children from slavery around the globe. The Operation Underground Railroad promise: To the children who we pray for daily, we say: Your long night is coming to an end. Hold on. We are on our way. And to those captors and perpetrators, even you monsters who dare offend God’s precious children, we declare to you: Be afraid. We are coming for you. To those who have read this far, we plead with you: Donate to our cause. Donate. We can’t do this without you.


Real-Time Text Messaging Alerts

To keep supporters engaged in the mission, Operation Underground Railroad sends compelling text message alerts to more than 1800 mobile subscribers. They continue to build their text message alerts subscription base with online forms and subscription keywords. Additionally, everyone who completes a donation is automatically added to their list.


text message alerts

Text Message Alerts

Text Message Alert: Tuesday Afternoon

“OUR rescue jump team en route to another big rescue!
Please send your prayers. Details coming soon.”

Text Message Alert: Wednesday Morning

“Rescue operation happening in 10 min! We’re saving 20+
kids and arresting 5 trackers. Please pray for them.”

Text Message Alert: Wednesday Afternoon

“Rescue mission success!!! 26 kids saved. All 12 and 13
year old boys and girls. 8 bad guys arrested. Thank you for
your support.”


text message alerts


1800+ Operation Underground Railroad donors and supporters were engaged in real-time with compelling text message alerts.


Mobile communications are the most ubiquitous way we stay connected it to the things we are passionate about. Text messages sent from nonprofit organizations to mobile subscribers have a 99% open rate. Download text messaging alerts case study below to get started.

By Corey Blake, Customer Success Manager

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