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Text Message Campaign Can #SaveDatSound of New Orleans

SoulBounce, the premiere global soul music website that recognizes, respects and represents the past, present, and future of soul music, featured an article by writer B. Cakes about the text message campaign to benefit the Trombone Shorty Foundation. The online fundraising campaign is asking donors to text the keyword TROMBONE to 41444 and use the hashtag #SaveDatSound across all social channels to further raise awareness for the cause dedicated to helping young musicians preserve New Orleans’ musical traditions.

Trending Article | SoulBounce| B. Cakes | 04/18/2016

Help Trombone Shorty #SaveDatSound Of New Orleans

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The port city of New Orleans has a rich cultural heritage, a heady gumbo enhanced by French, Spanish and African flavors. In addition to its Cajun cuisine and Creole population (shout out to everyone’s favorite Texas Bama), the city is world renowned for its music. From Zydeco to Bounce to Jazz, the Crescent City wields musical influence across a wide swath of genres. But in order to continue its musical legacy, young talent needs to be supported and nurtured. Intent on giving this opportunity to the city’s underprivileged youth, native son Trombone Shorty launched the Trombone Shorty Foundation in 2013.

Widely esteemed and highly sought after for his mastership of brass and overall musical dexterity, the former child prodigy born Troy Andrews knows first-hand the benefits of being surrounded by music during one’s formative years. His ongoing passion for his craft inspired him to launch the Foundation’s first social donation campaign, #SaveDatSound, as a means to support young musicians and preserve NOLA’s musical heritage.

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Incentives May Help Get the Trombone Shorty Text Message Campaign Heard Loud and Clear

Music is an integral part of New Orleans’ culture and history, which makes inspiring the next generation of young musicians a very important cause indeed. To increase participation, the text message campaign to benefit the Trombone Shorty Foundation features an opportunity for fans and supporters who donate more than $25 to win unique prizes including customized music-related t-shirts from a local apparel designer and local artist, and signed copies of the award-winning children’s book “Trombone Shorty.”

By simply texting the word TROMBONE to 414444, supporters receive a reply text with the secure link to a mobile-friendly donation form and once they donate any amount over $25, they are automatically entered to win.

While the chance of winning may encourage more people to get involved to help get your message heard loud and clear, a drawback of offering incentives in return for contributions is that it can sometimes decrease the amount of the donation made with donors giving the minimal amount to enter into the drawing. And while every donation, big or small can help your cause, one way you can avoid this potential predicament is by establishing a minimum donation amount to qualify for the incentive, just as the Trombone Shorty Foundation set for their text message campaign.

Consider your prospective donors carefully to determine a reasonable minimum amount that won’t discourage anyone who isn’t able to donate a large amount. Make it easy for anyone to add just a few dollars more than what they originally would have given in order to increase participation in your drawing.

Summary: Whether you are working on a text message campaign or other fundraising event idea, if your organization is thinking about offering incentives in return for contributions, set a minimum donation that your donors can comfortably give in order to participate. You can easily customize your mobile-friendly donation form with suggested amounts, starting with the minimum amount required to receive the incentive.

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