Businesses can increase revenues with mobile marketing as 99% of text messages are read by customers. 91% of customers switch to brands that support good causes. Strengthen your brand by partnering with a local charity, church, hospital, school or organization to help raise donations.

Why Send Text Messages To Your Customers?

Text messages guarantee that promotions, product videos and opportunities get in front of the eyes of your customers. 99% of texts are read and 90% are read within 3 minutes! Compare these stats to direct mail, email and social media advertising. Mobile marketing campaigns can be scheduled and sent in just a few minutes from a computer. Compare the human resources and expertise needed for mobile marketing to direct mail, email and social media campaigns.


Compliance Is Essential

Due to TCPA regulations, businesses cannot upload lists of customer numbers and send messages. Businesses are liable $500 per unsolicited text message sent. There are two ways your customers can subscribe to receive TCPA compliant messages:

1 – By texting a keyword through the MobileCause system

Example: Text EXCEL to 51555

2 – By entering a mobile number into a MobileCause online form

Online forms can be displayed on tablets, smartphones and PCs in the workplace, in the field, at conferences, and on your website. After entering their mobile number, customers will receive an immediate text message in which they must reply “YES” to subscribe.

MobileCause ensures that you are 100% TCPA compliant when sending text messages. The MobileCause system automatically manages your opt-in and opt-out subscribers in real time.


Consider Your Customer Demographic

Millennials (born 1980-1995, 27.4% of US population) prefer text, are generally annoyed by voice calls, are active on social media and read email infrequently.

GenXers (born 1965-1979, 26.6% of US population) prefer text and voice calls, typically stay up to date with email and social media.

Boomers (born 1950-1964, 26.4% of US population) prefer voice calls, are late adopters of text, most use email, and some use social media.

Mobile marketing technology enables businesses to engage customers while saving time. A healthy mix of texts, email and social media posts will ensure you effectively engage customers across demographics.


Messages Must Be Entertaining Or Essential Or They Will Be Ignored

Don’t treat texts like emails! Mobile phones are our most personal device. Three ways to engage customers with mobile marketing:

1—Send links to videos
“Learn how to build or repair a fence on a budget. Watch DIY video with Phil! http://youtu.be/ebfr12”

2—Send links to promotions
“Schedule a one week bathroom remodel this month and receive $1000 cashback.”

3—Send calls to action with time sensitive appeals
“The next customer to schedule a free in-home consultation for a kitchen remodel will receive a hardware upgrade at no cost.”


91% Of Customers Will Switch To Brands That Support Good Causes

MobileCause empowers businesses to sponsor nonprofit organizations. Thanks to your sponsorship the nonprofit organization you select will be able to access the full MobileCause suite of tools to:

Gain new donors
Increase recurring gifts
Engage supporters


Empower Employees To Give Donations

1—Promote a match

Example: Donations made to the NM Boys & Girls Club will be matched 3 to 1!

2—Send links to mobile donation pages

Employees will be able to complete a gift in less than one minute from the convenience of their smartphone. Donations are 100% secure and can be remitted directly to the cause. No paperwork required!

3—Combine volunteeringand giving

This will help your employees get excited about the cause.

4—Set a company goal and display donations in the workplace

Real time results on screen increases donations and encourages more employees to make a donation.

5—Create a competition between departments/teams

Team with most donations wins a prize. Friendly competition can significantly increase participation.


Empower Employees To Raise Donations

Create peer to peer fundraising pages for employees who are passionate about causes (see below). Mobile donation pages are designed to make it as easy as possible for employees to raise donations via text message, social media, email and in person. Employee fundraising pages can be setup in just a few minutes from the convenience of a smartphone. Donations raised by employees are 100% secure and go directly to the cause. No paperwork required.


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