Text Messaging Volunteers

MissionTreePeople inspires, engages and supports people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable and to share the process as a model for the world.

  • Train and support communities to plant and care for trees
  • Educate schoolchildren and adults about environmental issues
  • Demonstrate sustainable solutions to urban ecosystem problems
  • Work with government agencies on critical water issues
  • Operate a beautiful public park

The Soil (Mobile Technology): TreePeople wanted an easy and exciting way to recruit volunteers and keep them engaged. They created the text messaging signup keyword “TREE” in their MobileCause account and promoted it to all of their supporters.

The Seed (Volunteer Sign Ups):They posted the keyword at the end of their email tags, on the home page of their website, and on ads in and around the local community. In the first few months, they were able to acquire 60 new volunteers on their list. Auto-responder thank you message example:

TreePeople: Thank you! You’ve been added to our volunteer list. We will reach out to you soon to get you plugged in.

Since most ads promoting the keyword asked for the person’s email address as well, they not only got a phone number for their volunteer, but also an email address, which they use to send out email updates and newsletters.

The Water (Data Acquisition): With some data still missing from some of the volunteers, TreePeople sent out a text message asking for additional information to be sent in a reply. See data acquisition message example:

TreePeople: Thanks for joining our volunteer list, but we missed your email address! Please reply to this message with the word TREE followed by your email (example TREE [email protected])
The Sun (Mobile Engagement): With new additions to their list, TreePeople worked with their MobileCause Account Manger to create an engaging messaging campaign. This campaign was based on one message a month for three months. See engaging text message example:

TreePeople: After wildfires begin burning—we begin working! To see our latest efforts to restore the Angeles Nat’l Forest, click here: youtube.com
The Tree (Mobile Donations): TreePeople is now planning a mobile donation solicitation, which will go out to all of the supporters on their lists. They are aiming for mid-Summer, when the heat is at its peak, and they are busiest. Thus, they will need additional funds to support their endeavors.

Text Messaging Volunteer Highlights


  • Text Messaging strengthened volunteer base by 60 people.
  • Text Messaging kept volunteers engaged from month to month.
  • Text Messaging built donor profiles by collecting email addresses.

Learn how to effectively text message volunteers by downloading ebook below.


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