Text Messaging for Fundraising


Fundraising is ultimately about relationships between staff, volunteers, donors and supporters. Text messaging is the most personal form of electronic communication because 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes. Additionally, nonprofit organizations have special provision in the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) to upload donors lists and subscribe them to receive ongoing text messages and alerts.


text messaging for fundraising

Top 5 Reasons Text Messaging for Fundraising is So Important


1—Text messages only take a few minutes to schedule and they reach all of your subscribers.

2—Texts are the most convenient way to remind people about events and campaigns.

3—Texts are used to share links to videos and photos that show the good you are doing.

4—Texts are the easiest way for people to make donations and become donors.

5—Texts are the easiest way for people to let you know they want to get involved.


text messaging for fundraising

3 Ways Your Organization Can Build a List of Mobile Subscribers


1—Promote subscription keywords to donors, volunteers and staff. All individuals who text a keyword will be subscribed to receive mobile messages and alerts. Want to segment your lists by campaign, event or something else? Your organization can create multiple keywords that subscribe individuals to different lists.

2—Upload lists of donors, volunteers and staff phone numbers. Not sure if the numbers in your database are mobile? Don’t worry… your numbers are automatically mobile validated when you upload them. Be sure to upload segmented lists if you want to send different messages to different groups of subscribers.

3—Promote a subscription web form. You can drive people to your subscription form over email, social media and on your website. Wan’t more than one subscription form? No problem… you can have a different subscription forms for different campaigns.


text messaging for fundraising

My Donors Don’t Text


Every text message includes the language “Text STOP to Unsubscribe”. This language is required by the TCPA to ensure that any person who does not want to receive text messages can easily “Opt Out” from receiving messages. That being said… the majority of your donors, staff and volunteers use their smartphone to send text messages everyday. It is important to remember that text is much more personal than email, direct mail and social media because when you send a message your subscribers have to look at it. Here is a good text messaging for fundraising rule… Text messages must be entertaining or essential or they will likely be ignored. Be strategic about every message you send and be sensitive to the frequency and content you deliver.

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