Text Messaging for Nonprofit Organizations

1 – How can I use text messaging to increase donor participation throughout the year?

Sending ongoing text messages with links to videos, sign up forms, registrations, and other important content is the most effective and personal way to keep donors engaged throughout the year. It’s important to keep messages brief and informal… Pithy language is often best!

2 – How can sending text messages strengthen email, direct mail and social media communications?

Text messages are the best way to communicate urgent messages, reminders, thank yous and follow ups. When a donor gets a text message they are much more likely to notice email, direct mail and social media. When donors are given the option to quickly respond to a text they are much more likely to participate. Texts have 95% read rates. Eat your heart out email rates!

3 – How can I get my donors’ mobile numbers into the platform so I can send them text messages?

There are three easy ways to build mobile lists for text messaging:

  1. Upload mobile numbers
  2. Install a signup widget on your website homepage
  3. People text a subscription keyword at live events.

“Text ARMY to 51555 to get text message updates.”

4 – How often should I send text messages to my donors?

The frequency of text messages (How often? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?) and timing (Morning, afternoon, or night? Weekends or weekdays?) totally depends on your audience. For example, kids might loving getting one text a day (but not at 7am in the summer) and adults over 50 may prefer getting a text every Monday at 8am to start their work week. It’s very important that each text message is carefully tailored to donors’ preferences to ensure they never feel like they are getting spammed. A persons mobile phone is their most personal device. Texts should never be annoying!

5 – How often should I ask for people to donate over text message?

Organizations should always ask for text donations when they want people to be able to give in the moment. Text is the easiest and fastest way for donors to support your cause. MobileCause has many donation features (amounts, donor information, collection methods, etc) to ensure the highest amount of dollars is raised.

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