Text to donate college fundraising campaign to Wish Macalester a Happy Birthday by sending a $10 text message donation.


Mary Gwen Owen—40 year drama and speech faculty member at Macalester College—empowers alumni and university supporters to make a donation to the Annual fund for university students and gives a lesson in gift giving etiquette. “Gifts should always be thoughtful and timely!” Wish Macalester College a Happy Birthday by texting GOMAC to 85944.

Macalester’s Annual Fund represents the cornerstone of the many qualities that define and distinguish the college: rigorous academics, exceptional faculty, a longstanding commitment to equity and access, and a globally conscious education. Support for the Annual Fund does more than just keep the lights on—it helps sustain the foundation of excellence upon which Macalester continues to flourish.


The Annual Fund provides crucial flexibility to the college’s budget. A vibrant Annual Fund allows for innovation, while also supporting the most fundamental elements of the liberal arts experience. Everything from financial aid and academic programming to building maintenance and utility costs, is supported by generous Macalester donors.

The college produced a creative text to give video to promote their campaign to boost traditional donations. Text to give videos are great for online and social network promotions. Macalester’s primary annual fund video, also see below, is also a great example of an annual fund promotional video.


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Daniel ScalisiBy Daniel Scalisi, Founder/ EVP Sales & Market Development

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