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Text to Donate

Text to donate keywords allow organizations to collect donations of any size that are billed to a credit/debit card while capturing full donor information.

Collect text to donate gifts of any size with full donor information. Keywords can be setup instantly and giving is 100% secure. Individuals text a keyword and click a link to make a donation with their credit/debit card. After making a text to donate gift, donors can easily promote your cause across social media. Request demo today




Check out the text to donate demo above: Text SMARC to 41444

Example above is for demonstration purposes only and does not represent a live campaign.

The Average Text to Donate Gift is $107

The average text to donate gift across all MobileCause campaigns is $107. After individuals text a keyword they click a link to fulfill their gift with a credit/debit card. The donation average jumps to $167 when a fundraising thermometer is used to display donations and donor names live on-screen at events.

Tip: Be strategic about suggested and default text to donate amounts.

Full Donor Data Collection

Donation page fields can be customized to fit your campaign.
Organizations collect:

  • Name
  • Mobile Number (required)
  • Email
  • Mailing Address

Organizations can also create custom drop down menus, text fields, disclaimers and special instructions.

Text to Donate Fulfillment Reminders

Individuals who do not complete their text to donate gift will receive 3 text message reminders over the following 8 days. This automation significantly increases donation fulfillment. Additionally, a member from your staff can call these individuals directly to collect their donation over the phone.

Example text to donate reminder message: “Thank you so much for initiating a gift yesterday! To complete your gift now click here.”

Text to Donate Keywords Go Live Instantly

In your MobileCause account you can create new text to donate keywords. All you have to do is select your campaign and enter your desired text to donate keyword with fundraising goal. Once saved, your keyword goes live instantly on on all US cell phone carriers.

Use Text to Donate for Donors to Setup Recurring Gifts

Text to donate is the most convenient way for donors to setup recurring gifts. After texting a keyword and clicking a link constituents can select one time, monthly, quarterly or annually for their gift frequency.

Did you know? Recurring donors give twice as much annually as one-time donors.

Get Started with Text to Donate

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