Text to Donate for Nonprofits

Give your supporters the power to donate from anywhere, right on a mobile device

Text to donate allows organizations to collect donations of any size that are billed to a credit/debit card while capturing full donor information.

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How to setup text to donate?

  1. Select a keyword. Keywords should be branded for your organization, easy to type and hard to misspell.You will use this keyword to instruct donors to text to a text-to-donate five-digit shortcode like 51555.

  2. Promote your campaign. Now it’s time to start letting donors know about your text-to-donate campaign. Use your existing marketing channels to get the word out about how donors can donate by sending a text message.

  3. Brand your donation form. When donors text your keyword to the short code they instantly receive a text message linking directly to a secure donation form. Make sure it’s a mobile-friendly donation form and is branded for your campaign.

After making a text-to-donate gift, donors can easily share your cause via email or across social media. Your text-to-donate campaigns can be promoted via print, email, social media, direct mail, TV, radio, and word of mouth to easily encourage donations and empower donors to give at any time, from anywhere, right from their mobile phones.

Text SMARC to 41444 see how text donations work

Text to Donate vs. Text to Give

Text to donate, text to give, credit card, or carrier billed? Here are the facts about text donations.

While text to give used to mean a donation billed directly to the cell phone carrier, today the two terms are used interchangeably for any solution that allows donors to donate directly from their phone.

All MobileCause text-to-give solutions are credit card billed, meaning the donor provides their billing information at the time of donation for direct remittance to your organization with your MobileCause nonprofit merchant account.

Instant Keyword Setup for Fast Fundraising Results

Segment text-to-give keywords by campaign, event, and more

Create text to give keywords for easy donations at events, across marketing campaigns, in emails, on social media, and more. Once saved, your keyword goes live with no waiting period for approval from cell phone carriers.

Supporters can text to donate to your organization by texting your keyword to a five-digit phone number, also known as a shortcode. Donors can donate gifts of any size through the secure donation form and can even set up recurring gifts thanks to seamless integration with the MobileCause online giving solution.

Text to Donate Fulfillment Reminders

Automated text reminders increase donation fulfillment across demographics

Individuals who do not complete their text to donate gift will receive three text message reminders over the following 8 days. This automation significantly increases responses for an 84% average fulfillment rate without any additional work for you.

Empower donors to text to give to your cause!

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