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Text to Everything

Use keywords and messaging to increase response rates for everything in your nonprofit organization!

The Texting Phenomena

The first text message was sent in 1992 and read “Merry Christmas.” In 2015 more than 8 trillion texts have been sent.

On average, Americans send/receive 32 texts per day (960/month or 11,520/year) while making/receiving 6 phone calls per day.

Truth: In the last 20 years text messaging has become the most popular form of communication in the world. Unlike voicemails, emails and social media posts, text messages guarantee that your message is seen.

3 Out of 4 NPO Supporters Appreciate Text Messages

Did you know: 76% of supporters appreciate text message reminders and updates from nonprofit organizations. 24% choose to not receive future messages by conveniently replying stop.

Use Keywords for Everything

Donations: People who text donation keywords receive a text reply with link to complete their gift. Those who do not make a donation automatically receive 3 text message reminders over the next 8 days.

Crowdfunding: People who text crowdfunding keywords receive a text reply with link to support the campaign. After clicking the link, people have the option to make a donation, become a fundraiser and share.

Custom: People who text keywords with custom reply messages receive whatever reply text message and link(s) you designate. (134 characters max)

Truth: Anyone who texts a keyword to a shortcode is automatically subscribed to receive text message reminders and updates from your organization.

Top 18 Ways NPOs Use Keywords

  1. Text to make credit card donations
  2. Text to set up recurring gifts
  3. Text to make event pledges
  4. Text for updates and alerts
  5. Text to sign up
  6. Text for daily encouragements
  7. Text to buy tickets
  8. Text to RSVP
  9. Text to volunteer
  10. Text for tips
  11. Text for instructions
  12. Text for resources
  13. Text for business card
  14. Text to sign petition
  15. Text to become member
  16. Text to pay dues
  17. Text for payroll deductions
  18. Text to take surveys

Tip: If one of your supporters accidentally replies stop to unsubscribe, they can simply text any of your keywords to be instantly resubscribed to your list.

Getting Started

Upload List: Upload all phone numbers from your database for mobile number validation and send the subscription notification text message.

Update Forms: Add “mobile phone number”to all digital and paper forms for future collection and upload.

Send Text: The first text message you send should contain a link to a short personal video thanking them for their support.

Did you know: There is a special provision of the telephone consumer protection act that allows nonprofits to upload lists of supporter phone numbers and send them text message updates.

Text Messaging Best Practices

Send Videos: Send regular text messages with links to short videos and photo galleries that show the impact of your organization.

Don’t Spam: Only send text messages to people who are familiar with your organization.

Be Strategic: Be strategic about asking for donations. Never ask for money before sending a series of compelling communications.

Urgent: The biggest mistake organizations make is asking for donations in the first text message they send.

Strengthen All Communications with Text Reminders

Email: Send text messages with links in parallel with email blasts. When a person receives a text and an email they are twice as likely to click on your content.

Social Media: Send text messages with links to social media posts encouraging people to follow, like and share.

Direct Mail: Send text messages in parallel with direct mail drops. A donor is 3 to 4 times more likely respond to direct mail when they receive multi channel communication.

Tip: Because it is nearly impossible to ignore a text, don’t send messages when people are sleeping or eating dinner. It is best to send messages during the daytime. Be aware of time zones.


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